9 day basic training course

So looks like I am going to be doing the 9 day course.
Just wondered if anyone has experiance of doing one of these and if so what are they like?
It's long hours, you'll be expected to put 110% in & probably a bit of a culture shock to you! However the banter will be awesome, you'll have a laugh & you get 3 square meals a day . . . Free of charge, in fact they're paying you!!!

Just turn up with the right attitude, e.g. One of wanting to learn, that you don't know everything & not of a delicate princess who can't take a joke & do as you're told then you'll be fine. . .

Then on to your 15 days within eight weeks ;)
81cufc said:
Then on to your 15 days within eight weeks ;)
Brilliant thank you. i am looking forward to it.

Whats the 15 days thing? I am going for TAPO so just need to do the basic solider trianing then go onto do Mod 2 of officer training.
Last I was aware basic consists of weekends (part A), a 9 day (part B) course & then a 15 day (part C) with pass off parade at the end of it! This may have changed, so for clarification ask your PSI!
I was told I only need to do the 6 weekends (or now the 9 day challenge intrensive course)
True if you are going on to Mod 2 TAPO. You don't HAVE to do Phase 2. But it will be a massive culture shock if you don't. I'd recommend you did phase 2 to get your skills and drills up to standard.
I see your point, but as my unit have been slow on booking me on the basic training stuff there just arent enough weekends between now and september to get the extra phase 2 stuff done. Plus I dont have enough holiday from work either.
Have you been issued your packing list, if not
Dont forget a decent iron, plenty of notepads and pens and be in top physical condition, troll through arrse as i've seen some well explained kit lists
and smile, the course is desined to build you not break you
I did the Infantry version last year (14 days, 1-9).
Grantham was fine. I don't remember anyone having any major dramas.

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