9 Bty T-Shirts


Evening all.

I am ex-9 Bty, and (sob, sob!) have separated company from my beloved Battery T-Shirt. Are any members here still at 9 Bty (or anywhere else in 12 Regt!) that could obtain one for me?

Please pm me if anyone can get me a replacement (at my expense, obviously!)

I left a while ago, the tshirt back then (96!) was plain green with the Plassey Tiger in black, has a new one come out at all?

Cheers blokes
Hey fugly, I've got one you can have. it should fit as i am massive! I took them with me to the Bengals but they have a different motif - flippin tigers got a rocket jammed between his legs (bragging i bet!!!) Let me know where to send it bud!
Hi fugley I am a member of the fighting 58,I am sure if you contact the BK of 9 Bty then he should be able to help you out,if you need any help drop me a line and I will try and help out,good to hear of ex 12 regt members
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