9/12 failed CT4 again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sniper9, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. is it true or just another RAC urban myth that the worlds premier FR regt have ballsed up CT4 on EX PRAIRIE THUNDER? if so i think this is not the first time and should be babbing thier pants come SDR!
  2. I expect the RAC will be hit again as a result of the review but I wouldn't wish disbandment/amalgamation on anyone in the Corps. we all think we are better than everybody else but when it boils down to it there really isn't much difference. I have worked very closely with a lot of guys from 9/12L and they are a pretty good down to earth bunch. If the rumour is true they wont be the first and certainly wont be the last. It isn't the be all and end all of much in this day and age and they have done more than their fair share of Ops in which they have proved their worth.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Isn't the point of an exercise to learn lessons?

  4. dont be so week, i was expecting some good old 9/12 are w##'k slagging but ypu lot are so diplomatic. as for OP tours, i dont count providing ROSI in kuwait and OP tour. if ther were any good they woud have hit the stan by now. As for exercise is for learning lessons, i quite agree, but read the thread, i said failed again. 9/12have some good blokes but they do all have an extra finger. Its the growns ups who are sh''te
  5. No we did not fail it you throbber. A,B and C sqn are deploying in April to the Stan
  6. a bite from the RAC special needs regiment
  7. More of a dribble and lick to be honest.
  8. Sniper9 Is correct, 9th/12th are not the finest FR regiment in the RAC and they dont have the best reputation.
  9. 3/4 are the biggest load of pish I've ever had the displeasure of working with. That is all.
  10. Total nonsense. If you actually knew anything about collective training (or the RAC) in 2010, you would know that for the foreseeable future, FR Regiments will be providing the COEFOR (Contemporary Operating Environment Force) to support their respective Brigades' training in BATUS; earning CT3 in the process.

    9/12L were not tested to CT4, thus not awarded it.

    Sniper9, before you post again; check your facts and learn how to spell.
  11. Half true. Although we provided COEFOR we also provided 1 FR Sqn to BDE as BLUEFOR. By the sounds of it we were the first BDE out there trying this new system and new package with most of the training now focussed on Afgan. Its not a bad package although they really are scrapping the barrel to find jobs for CR2 out there. The regiment got the tick in the box and start there pre deployment training in September to deploy with 3 COMMANDO next spring.

    Snipper 9 your still a bell end!
  12. The 9/12L BG where only tested to CT3 on Ex PRAIRIE THUNDER 2B (this exercise was never due to deliver more than CT3).

    Two 9/12L Sqns (1x FR and 1x BRF) exercised as part of other BGs which where both tested to and achieved CT4. I was told (by an independent source) that the BRF in particular did pretty well.
  13. who gives a monkies what its called the 9/12 are still pants! BRF did pretty well,i should think so seeing as most of the were not proabaly not 9/12 but augmentess form other regiments! god its lookng down on the pidgeons when the rest of the RAC are eagles! Fat tankie if you want to see my bellend you have to depoly first!
  14. You sound a little embittered. What happened, did 9/12L turn you down or did one of them run off with your girlfriend?!

    Not sure about augmentees, but I would have thought given that BATUS is HFT not MST, they are unlikely to have had many or indeed any of their augmentees at this stage. My understanding is that they are added during the operational force generation stage. I can find out if you desperately want to know.
  15. not bothered any more just wanted to get a rise out of the 3/4. They did as predicated! Good luck on the upcoming tour any way enhanse the already outstanding RAC rep out there. Girlfriend i am a squaddieall i need is the queens regs