9/11 The Movie

well, its official, the mourning period over the collapse of the WTT is over and now fair game for a Hollywood ' version of reality' ..

Paramount Pictures has announced that its in ' pre-production' on a feature about the attack on New York.. flick to be directed by Oliver Stone [ who we all know is totally objective in his visions on celluloid ] and will star Nicholas Cage as an intrepid cop caught up in the passion, the drama, the heroic rescues, etc. etc..

meanwhile the 8 hour TV mini series on the same subject, that was to be helmed by Ron Howard, has been ' shelved '..guess he lost some street cred with the dismal showing of his Russel Crowe cinematic effort; Cinderella Man "

can't wait...
bound to happen sooner or later, there WILL be a film made about it, call it therapy US style.
There is a very bad film made about 9/11. I need to find the name but it's pretty low budget and bad.

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