9/11 question

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. Despite watching hours of television programmes and reading acres of print about this.I have a question.
    Assuming the order had been given,if the USAF or ANG had been given orders to shoot down the hijacked planes 5-10 minutes prior to them hitting the towers,how many people would have died ?
  2. None. The aircraft were holograms, apparently.
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  3. well after years of reading up on this and from my contacts in the secret black helicopter tin hat legion of mad fellows the number is, shit loads
  4. I would have thought it would be about the same, what with fat yanks not being able to run fast,
  5. I think it would be fair to assume that the people on the airliners would have died.
  6. F-15's from Otis AFB (Cape Cod) went supersonic but arrived 3 minutes too late.

    The section recieved orders to take off at 0846, went wheels up at 0853.

    IF an intercept had successfully occured, obvious casualties would be the passengers and crew. Then factor in where the intercept occurs. If the flight is shot down over Manhattan or any populated area from westchester county onwards likelyhood of ground casualties becomes far greater.
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  7. Less! is there a prize?
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  8. More. If they had crashed in the wrong place.
  9. a lot of people.....but not as many that did.
  10. Isn't one of the "conspiracy’s" that they couldn't scramble live armed jets due to a major air defence exercise?
  11. In actual fact there was only something like 4 aircraft armed and available to cover something like 23 states. The chances of them responding in time were slim to nil even on a good day so if the above is true it wouldn't make much difference.
  12. At least they had some interceptors which could turn up late!

    We would probably have to put the job out to tender, advertising it in the European journal for a month before giving the job to our mates at serco with the proviso that BAE build the planes and the French make the missiles, give all that a year or two for treasury approval and we get a scramble time of twenty six years......
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  13. And then the health & safety risk assessment !
  14. Is anyone in the know able to confirm or deny that the yanks have at some time provided air cover over the UK flying from somewhere near Norwich.

    Or is this just a nasty rumour?
  15. 42.
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