9/11 or 11/9 - ARRSE debate

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Pitswamper, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Edited out by mod for tastelessness.

    Post what you wish in the NAAFI. This is not the place.
  2. Good post tomahawk, pitswampers a retard.
  3. This isn't the NAAFI bar you stupid cunt.

    Feel free to bait our septic cousins in there not here or I'm sure you'll soon be wearing a shiny new o2 thief tag.
  4. 9th of November...

    1989 The Berlin wall formally opened
  5. Do One.
  6. Two members of our firm never came home from work then as well.
    They both did the same job as me.

    Imagination is a fcuker sometimes.
  7. Ohhhh No, anything but the dreaded O2 tag :roll: , I'm sure the Bat Cave is awash with news of my faux pas and that the COs are rolling out the mighty red button of doom as I type, oh the shame, the infamy etc.
    Pity the MODs don't delete some of the inane trite BS that is posted in the MHQ forum.
    What you should be asking yourselves is why has it taken 7 years to suddenly start putting up these memorials rather an odd anniversary.
    Wouldn't have anything to do with it being an election year would it? Perish the thought!
    The First Amendment of the septics Constitution obviously only applies to those who voice their pinions. How quaint.
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Don't be daft Pitswamper, you haven't had a mention in the Bat Cave. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Sadly for you (and me too at times), inane BS isn't (always) contrary to MNHQ forum rules whereas offensive posts are.

    Feel free to start a separate thread about whether election year affects the way Sep 11th is being viewed in the US, but don't do it in this thread or I'll delete it.
  9. I dont really care what the septics say about 11/9.

    for a country to make billions of US$ dollars profit from buying and selling weapons to anybody who has the geld simply makes my shoite harden. The iran/contras episode is enough.

    for a country who was actively collecting money for the IRA - sorry noraid up to 11/9.

    for a country that was able to destroy Al Qdrops (bin laden) as early as 1995 but failed to make a decision. (1914-1917 and 1939 - 1941 are good examples of american world judgement.)

    the almost slight fact that apparently US casualties were the lowest in the twin towers.

    that only a few people have been arrested and charged with any terrorist offences in the US of A (arrsholes)

    God help the bankers when it comes to a court?????????????????????

    God help the idiot IT clever shoite who managed to gain access to the DOD. In hinesite he should have put all thier info on the gitmo bodies on uuuuutuuube..

    I have a healthy respect and fondness for our american cousins, in fact i sadly believe thier political leadership is full of shoite.

    And for those who have a brain cell, in 1995 i said the wall would come down when it did, but then i was living in West Deutschland and had links to Hoeniker.

    No not the football player who cant keep hie proik in his pants when 19 year old with big tiiiits passses biy.

    I find it very sad that a certain Cooooolin Powel has kept his niiiiiiigger gob shut becuase it pays his wages.

    Those that have the biggest monetary clout makes the play??

    Maybe china will replace the USA???

    And the EU ( fully expanded) will replace the USA???.

    As one poster has said- a number of arab people paid lots of money to fly a plane but was not interested in take-off or landing.

    And for how many WEEKS did this tuition last????????????????????????

    And only LATER, MUCH LATER after the money had cleared did they inform WHO????????????

    NO, I diont give a septic retard
  10. Fortunately the UK hasnt had to experience a 9-11 type attack killing thousands of British citizens. Unfortunately we did and we feel compelled to remember those who lost their lives that day.Sadly you feel no such compulsion.
  11. 1995 eh? incredible foresight there oldgoat.
  12. Bugger it, I'll have to try harder. I'd take getting an O2 for rattling some of these expletive deleteds cages as a badge of honour.

    Memo to self;

    Refrain from baiting the septics as they don't like it.

    Warmest fuzzies and all that


    What pray was offensive the word that began with B or the link?
    Upset by 1 word well that speaks volumes.

    All septics on the Outrage Bus, GO, hold on tight, ding ding.
  13. No that's right, but we did have to put up with 30 odd years of IRA bombings, shootings, knee cappings and general naughtiness funded in part by citizens of the United States.
    Oh the irony, that some IRA bod, paid for by NORAID funds raised in New York bars, may have helped to train a fella in Libya who then went on to train another fella who trained some AQ bod who helped plan 9/11.
    Seeing the link yet?