9/11 link to Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30200-13160765,00.html

    But then they say...

    So an Intel report (here we go again) says the Iranian Government played a part in 9/11 then it says there is no evidence to support this !!!

    As long as it is clear :roll:

    So is this electioneering

    Viable Intel

    Or the precurser to another anti terrorist expedition to cut down a potential 45 minute threat?

    The choice is yours...
  2. Well we won't have far to move, just nip accross the border :roll:

    Infact why not just take out all neighbouring countries, can just see it now, The United States of the Middle East. 8O
  3. my lords ldies and gentlescrotes, i give you, clit richards and the shadows.
    we are going on a summer holiday, we are going to grab an oil well or two................. :twisted:

    where will it end? :roll:
  4. Afghanistan from the north and Iraq to the west, well guess Iran wouldn't have a chance, get ready for OP Tehran I, II,III, IV, V, VI .............
  5. Wait for the news that Iran is pissing about with it's reactors again and then we'll be off to stop them, nothing to do with oil at all.
  6. Just a few problems with taking on Iran as well ....

    1. They're better armed and more numerous than the Taliban so it won't be a rerun of Afghanistan

    2. Most of them will actually fight as the West will be seen as relaunching the Crusades as a concept for the 21st century -so it won't be a rerun of Telic

    3. Neither ourselves or the spams have any troops to spare

    4. Iraq will go daft as a consequence - always attack when your enemy is occupied and all that

    5. North Korea and any other bunch of daft tw@ts may also think it's a good time to get away with anything they can

    But when did common sense ever dictate what the current US administration does ? And as Tony just does what he's told UK considerations will not enter into it.

    If I was the Iranians I'd throw everything I had at the spams in Iraq on day 1, coupled with as much of a popular uprising as I could arrange. Take a few thousand US hostages, tie them to strategic targets and see what happens.
  7. Looks like the next few years may get busy if TBliar and GB are re-elected. GB making the plans (well as told to by Rumsfeld) and TBLiar doing as he's told to by GB.

    In fact why not vote for Rumsfeld as World President, thats what he wants, isn't it? :evil:
  8. Next few years may be busy no matter who wins the '04 USA presidential election.

    Anyone who thinks Sen. Kerry is a peacenik is unduly influenced by the Senator's youthful affectations, long hair, hippy clothing, hobnobbing with Jane Fonda, etc.

    To those who are listening, Sen. Kerry has made it clear enough that W can't outdo him as a proponent of aggressive militarism.
  9. But the yanks don't negociate for hostages.
    PS Do They ?
  10. WWIII here we come 8O
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  11. Yeah probably but I don't think it will come about because of Iran, not directly anyway. Saudi Arabia seems to be suffering from more and more insurrection. If the house of Saud were to fall in a civil war orchestrated by Al Quaida then the Americans would have no choice but to invade in order to protect their interests (oil). With the invasion of the home of Islam we would all be up sh*t creek....
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  12. Its going to be busy full stop once the Defence Cuts are announced 8O :evil: 8O :evil:
  13. Like it's not allready :x
  14. And thats without pledgeing Military support to the Sudan fammine :roll: :roll:
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Good grief people ......check out Jane's Intelligence Review at

    Iran is no threat to this country....currently.
    Iran is no threat (currently/directly) to the United States
    Iran is no (current) threat to it's Gulf neighbours
    Iran IS currently and directly a threat to Israel.

    Who would benefit from a war with Iran ?
    This Country ? No.
    The USA ? Not really - apart from vindictive revenge for the humiliation of 1979 ....and further opportunities to make itself hated throughout the Muslim world.
    The Gulf States? Saudi ? They all trade with Tehran.
    Israel ?....................hmmm.

    If all this manipulation wasn't so dodgy it would be laughable.

    Whilst no US president seems capable of resisting Israeli interest, there seems little good reason why the UK should embroil itself any further in the frikkin' sandbox.....especially in any conflict with a country with whom until recently we have had if not cordial, then at least trading , relations.

    We are at odds with the rest of Europe on this: France,Germany,Italy, Spain are all keen to open up relations with Iran, not fight the buggers.Our Euro partners are busily making money ( and keeping jobs in Frankfurt,Toulouse,Bologna and Barcelona) as a result of 'engagement' with Tehran, while we fanny about for fear of annoying the US.


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