9/11 conspiricy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nuttydriver, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. a freind told me to look at this wesite about 9/11 some people might find it intresting.
    sorry dont know how to add a link but if you type in loose change 2nd edidion you find it
  2. I still find the Pentagon crash a bit suspect!
  3. Here's the link:


    I'd suggest everyone finds the time to watch the whole thing. It virtually renders redundant much of the informed opinion that's been posted here since day one. The main one being that OBL had anything to do with 9/11

    There's more info here to back up the theories on 'controlled demolition':


    Plane questions here:

  4. It is a worrying set of facts if corroborated... 8O
  5. The film loose change asks so many questions which America can't seem to answer. Like that 'video' they released of the plane hitting the pentagon, which was no more than a few graining images, which took far far to long to release. Im sure it has changed alot of peoples ideas' of what happened on 9/11. I would recommend everyone watch this. I think I heard that on the 14th of June there is going to be a showing in parliament.
  6. Ah but el presidente could not have organised such a thing anyhoo.
    He was too busy reading kiddy stories :)
  7. Or playing with his toys, whilst being fed a chocolate moose with a plastic spoon that has a picture of a train on it.
  8. hehehe.

    George Bush: 'The danger is clear and erm.....................errrrrrrr..................hehe.........erm..........ahhh...hmmff......daddy!!'
  9. Here's the link to that story:


    Michael Meacher MP is quoted on the Loose Change film as one of the people who are demanding answers to the many questions that have been raised
  10. Ah yes, Michael Meacher MP - a man of outstanding moral integrity:


    Doesn't he also give credence to alien conspiracy theories?

    People on the Left of the political spectrum have had nothing helpful nor original to say since 9/11 - having sleepwalked through both the Cold War and the 1990s in a haze of liberal self-delusion, they now take refuge in self-perpetuating conspiracies. It would be terribly unfortunate if Meacher and his ilk ever do actually wake up to the real world, as the shock will probably kill them. Sad really.

    It's somewhat ironic that the very people who will loudly proclaim that 'Bush is a moron!' and the 'Neo-cons are religiously-motivated quacks!' seem only too willing to give them the credit for actually constructing what would have to have been an enormous and protracted conspiracy.

    With this administration - leaking at the seams and staggering under the weight of institutitional incompetence - are you serious?
  11. Gallowglass. The above is rather weak. To heap negative upon negative without shoring up your own position is pathetic.

    I hereby request a long, detailed and comprehensive debunking of all the contentious points presented in the film Loose Change Second Edition - I trust you've seen it. The Neo-Con US Administration has failed, so perhaps you could step into the breach, and take some of the pressure off them
  12. If you visit www.reopen911.org you can get a free multi region dvd sent to you. I did and it came through as well. Much to my surprise, but not as surprised as the contents.
  13. I’ve had enough of you (expletive nonsense) sitting in you spunk-fragranced bedsits and bashing your rotting gums about the ‘conspiracy’ of 9/11.

    You may well feel that in the chaotic, friendless mess that is your lives, the idea of some great secret organisation that controls the world’s oil prices and crashes radio-controlled RC-135s into US government buildings is rather more comforting than the randomness of reality.

    Sorry, guys – reality is messy, disconnected, and doesn’t follow the ‘logic’ of low-grade autism, which seems to be your functional level. If you ever do any original research into any historical event, no matter how well known, you will find conflicts of evidence, discontinuity, contradiction. There will be gaps in the ‘evidence’, the seconds on the clock won’t always match, the ‘expert’ imagery analysts won’t be able to say from the grainy images from a gas station CCTV that it wasn’t a cruise missile. That is reality.

    On 9/11 a number of individuals, so alienated from what we understand as ‘Western civilisation’ chose to die – and in the process kill many others – because they believed this would achieve something. It did, but not what they envisaged. It provided a right wing regime in America with the justification for a ‘Global War on Terrorism’ that by a chain of events totally lacking in logic led to the invasion of Iraq and all that follows.

    The belief in a vast right wing conspiracy might be comforting to those of you haven’t had an orgasm with another living being for some years. But try to get this through the shrunken pea that passes muster as your brains – there was no US government conspiracy to cause 9/11. What you pieces of sh!te do by propounding your ill-informed ‘expert’ opinions, or passing on the URLs of deranged websites, it to dishonour the death of every innocent on 9/11. You are unable to articulate any argument for why the US government should have seen an advantage in killing it citizens, but only to emit a insect buzzing of ‘conspiracy, Bush, oil prices, etc, etc,’

    How do I know there wasn’t come great Right-wing conspiracy? I don’t for sure, but much of my life is spent working with or visiting folks in DC. Some good friends were in the Pentagon on 9/11. Thank God, they lived. One of my oldest American friends was in the Pentagon that day – she used to be a nurse, she got home 3 days later having spent that time picking body parts out of airliner fragments and helping run triage/body recovery on site. It wasn’t a radio-controlled drone that hit the Pentagon – it was an aeroplane full of human beings, and it killed many others when it hit. It could have killed some folk I’m quite fond of. And that's why the red mist descends when I see know nothings holding forth here.

    I think what I’m trying to say through a haze of Spitfire and Oban is this – feck off and get a life you saddos. But don’t expect to have your inane drivel go unchallenged.

  14. M_C.............we'll take that as a 'not certain' then ?