9/11 Conspiracy or Conspiracy Theory? Video Evidence!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SilsoeSid, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Do you believe the Conspiracy theory around the events of 9/11 is a load of old tosh?
    Do you have an open mind enough to perhaps have it changed about the events?


    A Conspiracy theory is only a theory if there is no evidence.
    If there is evidence, then it must be a conspiracy!

    Its a 36 min video, please watch it all before commenting. You never know, it could change your mind!

    Cetainly a lot of evidence that is new to me, to suggest that all is not so cut and dried.


    One for Lord Falsheart;

  2. That makes very interesting viewing, certainly makes you wonder.
  3. Interesting, no doubt we will hear about thories like this for years to come.
  4. I haven't got 36 minutes to spare - can we have a summary of the arguments, please?
  5. The whole point is for you to watch the video and make your own mind up.
    Seeing the 'evidence' is quite different from simply reading snippets of it.

    Hence the request I made that you; "Please watch it all before commenting. You never know, it could change your mind!"

    So vasco the answer to your question is no!

    "Tell me, and I’ll forget.
    Show me, and I’ll remember.
    Involve me, and I’ll understand."
    -Chinese proverb-

  6. I watched it. It did change my mind. I know now there are even more brain dead nutters on the internet than I thought originaly.

    SS, please tell me you do not hold a commission or a pilots licence. *big feck of grin*
  7. Nice little signature pic tricam.

    Does that mean talk to the hand 'cause the face aint listening?

    "Tell me, and I’ll forget.
    Show me, and I’ll remember.
    Involve me, and I’ll understand."
    -Chinese proverb-
  8. And even more who can't spell originally

    **even bigger fo grin**
  9. Is that a deep statement on Northern Ireland politics?


  10. No, its a deep statement on your signature, (The confusing one with the shamrock, red hand and letters arrse at the bottom!), and your attitude, (Not worth 36 minutes)!!

    Does arrse mean something different in NI?

  11. Life is much to short to watch 36 mins of regurgitated rubbish that´s been flying around since,10/11?

    I do believe however that give or take a few thousand bits and pieces,a large jet has approx 1 million pieces or parts,plus the passengers,they were carrying objects,maybe an engineer taking a sample of his work?

    I must surrender, to the rather horrible realisation,that I, and probably you yourself,or indeed the Rolls Royce spokesman,do not have the F***ing foggiest notion of how many,bits, pieces,cogs in the liftshafts,involved in bl**dy skyscraper x2 etc.

    However,you have made my day,thankyou,I can hardly wait,untill Flashy gives you his profound views,but will not hold my breath,as Flashy has probably not picked himself up off the floor yet, after reading your revelations 8O
  12. Middy,

    Apart from the rest of your bigotted post, I particularly liked;
    Uuuummmm, it's a video!!!!

    And believe it or not, thats not me presenting it!! :lol:

  13. Move yourself over to the military.com forums or whatnot, Silsoe, there you'll find an audience.
    This is a forum for videos of French helicopter crashes and cheeky posts about girls; if we wanted to waste all bloody day debating conspiracy theories, we'd be Septics. But we're not, and we don't bloody take ourselves seriously.
    No need to be so passive-aggressive either, old boy!