9/11 commission Fact Finding or Farce?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ctauch, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. So to get back to business, and to show that we have more to do then lament the sinking of our home I am posting the following.

    9-11 Commission, is it truely a bi-partisan fact finding mission to determine what went wrong and how it could happen or is it a partisan witch hunt?
  2. ctauch:

    you're asking people to thinkat this time of the night?...

    Good post, though...

    I think that, like most government commissions, it was set up to be an investigation of what they knew, when and what was done/should have been done.. but, again, like all government commissions it was hijacked for crass partisan political manoeuvering all in the name of scoring points in an election year...

    gives the Dems something to spout off over and point fingers, and gives the Republicans a place to park the worst of the barking lefties to keep them out of their hair.. with the proverbial short attention span of the Americans [ no offence ] the public will tune them out and go back to watching Spike TV and the new season of Extreme Elimination Challenge...

    the election will have come and gone before the 'results' of the investigation are announced and after mega bucks spent and part of Brazil deforested to provide enough bumwad to print vast quantities of the ' revelations '..the people will learn ...gasp ... that although everyone knew something was going to happen, no one knew for sure what when and where so they couldn't have done anything anyway....

    the newsmedia will trumpet the results, have talking heads analyze it to death boring more and chasing them to reruns of Friends or Frasier and we'll all move on to the next crisis...what went wrong in Iraq and whose fault is it..

    care to head up that Commission?
  3. Rocketeer,
    I will wait till the poll results are in and respond. As you know I am itching to say something but I will restrain till I hear from others...won't sway my opinion, just want to leave it out of the mix :D

    BTW the response I expected from you lucid, and well written not to mention intelligent to the on goings of US politics and policy.

  4. .Ctauch:.. you smooth talker ,you..

  5. This commission smells like what our Hutton report did concerning Dr Kellys death!

    Seems elections are around the corner and people want to keep eveybody thinking they are doing a good job!

    Yeah right!
  6. I think it was the only way that they could satisfy the questions being brought up in the media and the survivors and still not give any real answers.
    I know this sounds a little lame, and I don't follow it regularly, but I just get this feeling of a coverup or they giving us what we may want to hear with the election not to far off.
  7. I think it was the only way that they could satisfy the questions being brought up in the media and the survivors and still not give any real answers.
    I know this sounds a little lame, and I don't follow it regularly, but I just get this feeling of a coverup or they giving us what we may want to hear with the election not to far off.
  8. We had a young black chap murdered in London. The press made a big thing about the Metropolitan Police Force receiving the names of the six people most likely thought to have done it within a few days of the guy being killed, and asked why they weren't arrested.

    Fact was over three hundred names were given to the Police over that period.

    All the hints for 9/11 might have been there but what other clutter was there to. I'm not a Spam and have no Spam political bias, except perhaps an instinctive dislike of Bill Clinton - he and his Missus came over very badly - and I certainly don't know enough about what the spam intelligence services knew or didn't know. I do know one thing though - any Int type would make his name stopping something like 9/11, and every Int type would bust a gut to stop it. Perhaps fat and indulgent politicians with their own peculiar type of morality would raise their heads from the trough long enough to see it their own way.
  9. So here's my take...It is a farce of the biggest kind. 9/11 was a tragedy no doubt, and this commission look in to it is a travesty.

    Both parties are at fault, and their behaviour disgusts me. Never before have I seen so many commissioners running from talk show to talk show to speak out on a report they are still interviewing people about and have yet to compile.

    The turning point for me was the Clark testimony, which started with him releasing a book, and a self serving apology.

    Then the request to have Dr Rice testify, when she already met with the commission behind closed doors. I said before the decision was even made to let her testify that when and if she did it would be a circus...and that is exactly what we got. Grandstanding and yelling on the part of 2 commissioners [Kerry and Ben-Venista], applause from the spectators [widows and family members of the victims] when an attack was directed at Dr. Rice.

    This followed by numerous op-ed pieces by the commissioners, and now the fact is revealed that one of the commissioners [Jamie Gorelick] was a key participant in creating a policy then prohibited the counter-terrorism arm of the FBI from communicating with the other departments in the FBI...also known as "the wall". She did this while she was Deputy Attorney General [second in command at Justice] in the Clinton administration.

    This conflict of interest should result in her dismissal from the commission, or for her to step down...yet she refuses. She should be on the witness stand and not interviewing witnesses as a party of this commission.

    So we are going to throw millions of dollars in to this farce, to find out what every person with a fifth grade education already knows. There was a break down in Intel, the CIA and FBI by law and policy were not allowed to share information. The FBI by policy did not share terror related information. The Congress and past administrations castrated our intel community through budget cuts, and made it impossible to develop HUMINT resources, instead funneling monies in to ELINT instead.

    What a fcuking waste of time and money.

    FARCE of the greatest degree.
  10. Perfect waste of tax dollars IMHO :? . No matter who did or didn't do what, nothing will bring back the lives :( , or the innocence of the American public.
    I may not be a big Dubya fan, but I cannot imagine even that beady eyed, chimp earred, bat turd would have just "let" it happen if it could have been prevented.
    Could things have been done differently?? Sure they could, and hopefully...we learned from mistakes and it won't happen again. ...Oh wait, we ARE talking politics...Ok, so it COULD happen again. Let's just pray it doesn't.
    The money spent on this farce could have been used to help defer the costs that indivdual states pay for the OT our local law enforcement has to pay whenever the terror alert is raised.

  11. Absolute farce. Even the republicans on the committee lean to the left. What aboyut that Gorelick???? :x
  12. Well it kinda all depends on who done it, killed 3000 people that is.

    To date the secretive Bush Administrion has not released any evidence though there has been endless speculation in the media.

    There is the scandal having to do with the Israeli "Art" Students and the Israelis that were observed with a white moving company van giving each other high fives as the WTC collapsed. All detained "Art" students and the moving van folks were quietly deported.

    The "Commission" should be investigating who done it as well is how who done it was able to do it. But since the Commission is composed of folks hand picked by Bush you could say that the results have already been picked.

  13. So this is Conspiracy theory corner, is it? :wink:

    Thatsmom2u says
    Come on, get off the fence, say what you really mean.