9/11 7/7 11/11

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taffcraven, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Once upon a time the yanks had 9/11
    So some plastic yanks in Britain said we had 7/7
    and then some tw@tty speaking feckin plastic yanks started having 11/11

    For fecks sake it's fecking rememberance day,!! NOT 11/11 you feckin plastic yanks!! :twisted: Is it because you struggle to spell rememberance or just to bloody lazy in true yank style?

    Rant over
  2. If you are going to abuse people for being stupid, dont then commit the same mistake you were lambasting them for .....you will find REMEMBRANCE as the correct spelling...in any case its Armistice Day.....Remembrance day is the sunday nearest to '11/11'. you 'feckin t@@t'.
  3. Thanks TCF!

    I think I was one of those who used 11/11, I actually used 11/11 1100 if I recall correctly, not refering to Remembrance Sunday, but as TCF has pointed out Armistice Day.

    Sorry if it offended anyone.

  4. Excuse me but I do believe I spelled REMEMBERANCE correctly, last time i looked REMEMBERANCE was spelled that way and not ARMISTICE? I may have used the wrong word but it was spelled correctly you c0cky cnut! Outside now! I'll kick yer arrse, give yer a feckin wedgy from hell and pinch yer dinner money!!
  5. Erm, it's spelt Remembrance - there is no extra "e".
  6. Well I have used the term 11/11 even though I prefer 11th of November
    I also prefer Sept 11th to 9/11
    Life progresses, expressions evolve,
    I am proud to say SO DO I !

    If you want to stay with wages in groats or running on Win 3.1 that's your outlook.
    I prefer to adapt, improvise and overcome.
  7. There's a difference between evolution & Americanisation! Fair enough, throughout the ages the hegemon has often dictated 'progress' but we don't have to Americanise everything. I say September 11th and actually cringe when British reporters use the term "9/11". As for Remembrance Day & Armistice Day, I refer to them as just that.
  8. :oops: I know, I just took myself round back and gave myself a good kickin, just limped back in head down in shame. :oops:

    Still think this 11/11 sh1te is a load of bollox!
  9. :lol: I agree...
  10. 11/11 is blanant americanisation not progress!

    For Fecks sake, what next, have a merry 25/12 and a happy 31/12 or will they be 12/25 and 12/31 in true american style?
  11. Me too!!! November the 11th is my term of choice

    TC...your kicking you self administered was a sh1t one as you can still use a PC keyboard!!!

    PS I'm a spelling Nazi so knew i was right!!!
  12. I'm sorry is it the fact we used 11/11 1100, which given it WAS the eleventh day of the eleventh month at 11.00 am that peace was finally declared IS in fact correct that you have issue with? This IS how it has been referred to in the past…..

    Or is it the use of OTHER dates in this format?

    I do date my official mail date(numerical) /month(text) /year(numerical), which according to Debretts IS the correct formal format, however on notes I tend to opt for date(numerical) /month(numerical) /year(numerical) also correct according to Debretts.

  13. Blanant Taff?

    What is your native tongue?
    No spellchecker?
    Oh sorry 3.1.
  14. Who cares what you call it or how you spell it? There was terrible loss of life and bleating about how it is referred to wont bring any of those people back!!