8th Signal Regiment

Hi all I'm looking for any member of battleaxe troop 8th Signal Regt 91-92. and also anyone who could shed some light on how the troop was named. There was a notice board and on it was a picture of HMS Battleaxe and I'm sure the troop was named after her for some reason. I tried contacting the Signals museum but they said as far as they knew the troop was named after a battleaxe was found while a new barracks was being build in Germany some time ago. I have also looked on the internet but have so far been unable to find any information.

Thanks Wells598


I think you will find that Battleaxe Tp were 11 Sig Regt. All Junior Leaders since 1990 and some Junior Soldiers were based at Vimy C in 8 Sigs Vimy Barracks, but were not 8 Sig Regt. If this is what you're asking about, the sign for Battleaxe Tp was the NORTHAG badge, which is the Northern Army Group based then at JHQ in Germany and 28 Sigs Regt at St Tonis. It was in command of 1 Br Corps and number of other Nato/countries units. All Junior troops were named after certain formations or things they had done. Iron Tp= 3 Div, Kohima= 2 Div, Beaufighter=21 Sigs/Air Formation Signals, Ulster Tp=15 Sigs/HQNI (I think) and the last I can remember was Khukri Tp. After the Signals moved enmass to Blanford I think the troops became what Charlie, Delta, etc, etc were in 8 Sigs.


sorry for years i have got the 8th/11th mixed up as you said we were in vimy barracks. that was our troop insignia we always joked it looked more like a 7 than a battleaxe. but i have a clear recollection of a picture of HMS Battleaxe on the troop notice board and i'm sure there was a story about the signals helping HMS Battleaxe or vice versa.