8th January pirbright atr

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Coburn, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Coburn

    Coburn Swinger

    Is anyone elses intake date the 8th january for ATR Pirbright
  2. 5.56mm

    5.56mm LE

    no, but ive stopped at pirbright lots of drill fanatics down there and im not sure if the ta-mill force are there anymore. The food is cracking especially the cheesecake have a coffe latte on me while your down there. There are big ranges at pirbright and bisley is nearby so get ready to shoot. Some accomodation is outdated while some is new, to be honest i love the place but thats just me!!!
  3. skydevil

    skydevil Crow

    Hi what corps you going in as?
  4. Skinn_Full

    Skinn_Full Old-Salt

    Your love of assault courses will only increase with a trip to Pirbright!;)

    Cheers Easy!
  5. Coburn- Judging byh your photo you'll be alright, plenty of pie shops!!
  6. Coburn

    Coburn Swinger

    Im joinin REME Skydevil
  7. jase2472

    jase2472 War Hero

    my mate is an instructor there, he says its a good place to go through your training at mate, whats your cap badge
  8. jase2472

    jase2472 War Hero

    being a mong myself there just seen REME badge under your name!!!!!
  9. You will enjoy the fluffy pillows and nice lie ins there... butlins is now in investing shares there, so soon the will be caravans, candy floss when you get there. fortunatley I never had the pleasure of going to an ATR, but i have heard that if you call everyone mate thier you'll be just fine.... :evil:
  10. illyrichards

    illyrichards Clanker

    its true about who dares adairs.. lol.. happened to me many times.. getting into scoff to find your plt with gateou and your left with the cake and custard-jelly... umm.. yum? lol
    watch out for those cpls!! lol.. especially cpl E-K!! hes a nutter! lol.. "its mega.." "IN THE PARAS!!" man i miss him!!!!! lol
  11. yomo

    yomo Crow

    Who's ur mate? Might now him
  12. robot

    robot Swinger

    im at pirbright now. Im just home on my long weekend. its a good place to train. the staff our good and so it the accomodation....well there are 2 types and 1 is good and the other blocks are crap-glorified tin sheds. pirbright has horrible hills that you get ragged up and down during endurance training. but its not that bad, i promise. im actually really enjoying my training. good luck
  13. batmanwasjesus

    batmanwasjesus Swinger

    starting on the 8th as well! can't wait to get off civvie street...
  14. luke

    luke War Hero

    you're right he's an awesome bloke, but don't name names on here mate, PERSEC and all that ;)
  15. illyrichards

    illyrichards Clanker

    areet mate, edited it.. when were you there?