8th Gordon Highlanders

Looking through family history, I have discovered a great uncle who served in the above battalion.However, I am having difficulty in finding out anything about what the battalion did during the war.

I know that he went over in May 1915, and he survived the war.Also that the 8th was merged with the 10th in late 1916/1917.

So if anyone has any info on them, War diaries and the like, it would be greatly appreciated.I have already contacted the Gordons museum, but no reply.


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8th (Service) Battalion
Formed at Aberdeen in August 1914 as part of K1 and attached to 26th Brigade in 9th (Scottish) Division.
Moved to Aldershot and in February 1915 went to Bordon.
Landed at Boulogne on 10 May 1915.
7 May 1916 : moved to Bethune and transferred to 44th Brigade in 15th (Scottish) Division. Four days later amalgamated with 10th Bn to form 8/10th Bn.
6 June 1918 : reduced to cadre, with surplus troops going to 1/5th Bn. The cadre was disbanded on 17 August 1918.
There's a Regimental History for the Gordon's but it doesn't appear to have been reprinted. The cheapest copy I could find, at a bookseller in Grantham, was £75.00 for a first edition. Anyway, the title is:

"The Gordon Highlanders in the First World War 1914-1919 The Life of a Regiment Volume IV" by Cyril Falls.

The original war diaries are held at the National Archives at Kew - some have been digitized for downloading but it does not appear that the 8th Gordon's have been. However, they would be available for viewing and copying in person.


Best bet is to keep at the museum - sometimes offering a small donation to the museum fund can grease the wheels a bit...

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