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  1. I wish it were a T45.
  2. Can we swop it for a Victor instead?
  3. I thought we were broke!
  4. I understood that the latest all singing all dancing Type 26, equipped for surface, anti sub and with anti air capability was going to cost 400mil

    Now then... I copied the following from the MoD news site

    The aircraft, which will cost in the region of £200m, will be based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire along with the other aircraft in the fleet which are operated by 99 Squadron. The C-17 aircraft can fly over 4,500 nautical miles (8,300km), meaning it can cover the distance beween the UK and Helmand province in the one flight.

    Could a more knowledgeable person please explain why 5,000 tonnes of steel, engines, sensors et al comes in at 400 mil squids and yet these planes cost what they cost?

    Or should I go to confused.com?
  5. Because they are not built in China and we have a higher standard of living to maintain, simples!