8th Army Battlefield Tour Egypt.



I am keen to do a battlefield tour of the El Alamein area, but there seems to be very few companies which organise this. I have found one but it would mean a day at the start and end of the trip at the usual tourist choke points. So the actual battlefield part is only about three days. can anyone reccomend a tailor made company or is it possible to do this trip on my own?
The bit of The Legion that organises world wide battlefield tours and pilgrimages is Poppy Travel.

We have two tours planned this year.

This year for the first time we plan to visit Libya and Egypt in the same tour - in April


We always go to El Alamein in October for the anniversary of the battle.

Although these are designated "Tours of remebrance" they guide is a battlefield guide who can cover the battles. Our usual guide is a retired Colonel who serverd in Libya in the early 1960s when the battles were recent history.

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