8pm tonight itv "The Guardsmen"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Poppy, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. should be interesting....
  2. Excellent !

    Specially liked the "I like Leo sayer more than I like drill" and a nice little touch at the end with Stephen squeezing his little sisters hand.

    All good stuff
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Great line.
    Thought his sister had an airpump to inflate his chest.....could use his greatcoat as a basha on the next night ex it was so big on him... :D
  4. Excellent. (For Grenadiers!)
  5. Indeed it was! I particularly liked the 4 new Guardsmen using their initiative on marching into the OCs office and breaking step so not to put undue strain on the flooring. Highly commendable!
  6. I'm afraid i got something in my eye at that point :oops:

    Anything showing us in a positive light on TV is a bonus in my eyes. Not just the Grenadier guards, but any unit.

    Cheers N_W
  7. Coy Comd was a laugh "ive been spoilt on guard" aye it shows. dis'nae sweat MUCH!!! slim bloke. That hill at davieshiel is a bit much for him.
  8. Good programme!

    Kept an eye out for an certain ARRSE member but didn't see him.... maybe next installment.
  9. Yeah, just lucky he had a sergeant to take over the whole battle while he cleared a stoppage, eh? Public Duties, a real b*stard for the warfighting skills.
  10. I thought it was very moving indeed :oops: and a gnat hit both eyes at the same time. I am not ashamed to admit that at that moment I remembered how proud I was as a parent at both my son's passing out parades years ago, made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I am still very proud of the son who is still with the colours and who is due for his LSGC shortly and also of my other son who did his time and is now doing well in civvy street. Bless all the lads and lassies in the services, you are the salt of this country.
  11. Great, something that puts the army in a positive light...and on ITV1 during prime time viewing!!!

    We need more of these types back on the box...this must help with recruiting and putting the army in peoples good books
  12. All pre-watershed Army documentaries are spoilt by lack of realistic language. That is why Soldiers to Be had complaints rolling in to the Telegraph whereas Guns and Roses was such a lovely cuddly programme. Good pr, carp for actual insight. Hopefully things will be slightly less superficial next time (doubt it). Also this should end all those 'can I be a Household Division officer?' threads.
  13. anyone know where I can see it online - don't have TV :(
  14. Couldn't find it at first; just couldn't believe that ITV would put something like that on. Super TV, well made. I know some blokes are coming home before endex; well done the grenadiers!