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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panoptes, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Hey lads,

    This may seem like a bone question, but does anyone have any techniques or tips on how to get over an 8ft wall. There is one at my local Depot and there's a competition coming up soon and if I don't get over it, it'll wastes a hell of alot of time on the invidivual obstacle race. So any tips techniques, adivce would be helpful.

    (P.S. Not allowed to skip it out and take a time penalty you have to have a realistic attmpt at LEAST 10 times before your allowed to go past PLUS a five minute time penalty which basically puts you last no matter how quick you are.)


  2. Are you under five foot tall?

    If not, go out and practice. It's not difficult.
  3. It is mandatory that you receive a safety brief prior to the event. This has to include a demonstration of how to get over the obstacles safely.
  4. Ha, ha. Fortunately I'm not less than 5 ft, I'm 5' 8" tall. Believe me I have tried but cannot find a free standing eight foot wall, that is free for me to climb over, in my area, and I still cannot get similar ones that I find. Surely I need a sure fire technique before practicing it and mastering it, or else I'm making fruitless attempts every time I try to do so.

    Yeah, bossdog, we do get a brief though I'm trying to practice before the event, and have not been shown ANY technique as of yet.

    I don't mean to be difficult I just want to do well


  5. If you can't use the official wall, I'm sure there are other suitable walls in the area.

    Are you sure you need to have a safety brief just for the wall?
  6. unless you are told you must clear the wall without help. team up with a mate and help each other over. 8ft is a bit high to clear on your own anyway
    the DS will probably give bonus points for using your noggin and teamwork
  7. Do it properly - mousehole charge.
  8. Apparently, not. You see there are two walls on the course, but because its an indiviual competition the 12 ft wall is out of the race, but the 8 ft is, so....

  9. If you HAVE to do it alone, run at it pretty quick, and in one (very quick)move....

    Jump, raise and place a foot against the wall and transfer your energy through your foot, upwards. This foot will have enough energy behind it (body weight propelled forward + body weight under gravity) to keep it in place as you push off it, to get the extra height to reach the top.

    Usually works 99% of the time, unless the wall and/or your boots are wet/slimy.

    Hope that helps. It did for me, (I asked the same question over ten years ago) and I'm 5'6".
  10. A further tip in this respect - be the first to attempt it. Those at the end of the queue have to compete against crushed (and hence, slimy) moss on the wall and a churned-up take-off point.
  11. Much as I like puttees initial idea, Thermal has got it spot on. Thats the way i was taught on the commando assualt course. Run up, kick off it about waste height and grab the fecker. I'm 5'8 and have no problem. Aggression, thats what you want.

    Strange chap...
  12. if you cant handel a 8ft wall how could you handle a 12ft wall son with rifle and backpack, on a army assault corse ! you need to try harder lol
  13. twat
  14. I hope you are not the 1% TW is talking about.

    I agree with his technique though, run quick, use your foot to help boost you up the wall. it helps if you can also grap on to the top of the wall with your hands and pull up at the same time.

    Good luck. let us know which technique you used.
  15. You'll be shown variants on crossing techniques; as bossdog stated, it's mandatory. The foot-assisted technique is the better one if you're short.