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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dixie66, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone here know if it's pronounced 'eight-nine' MI Section or 'eighty-nine/ninth' MI section. It's one of those things you need to have heard to know a bit like in the Marines where it's pronounced 'Forty' Commando and 'Four-Five' Commando.

    Do all members of 89 have to complete P-Coy? and also, what sort of strength is the section, are we talking about twelve?, i think that's the number that jumped into Arnhem in '44 attached to the Division, not sure if the old Field Security Sections operate the same way as the current sections...at Arnhem the section had to fight as infantry with 2 Para at the bridge, so didn't have time to arrest and interrogate the Dutch SS!!

    Operator Military Intelligence is my main job choice, just awaiting a second go at selection. The first time they found a heart murmur but after having it checked by a consultant i have been given the all clear.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Dixie,

    Known as eighty nine and all volunteers were/are expected to complete P Coy, although several who have tried have failed.

    Glad to see your arrythmia wasn't something to worry about.

    Good luck with selection.

    Be nice you lot, he might deliver your mail.
  3. Unless you were already there when 81 (or was it 82? - I forget) and 89 swapped over in 1981 (Hi Paul, Spike and Rich!), in which case you simply carried on as normal - new arrivals could try for P coy but those of who were there prior to the changeover simply continued to waer the green berets - which were far more exclusive in Aldershot in any case...

    Years later I met an ex-para in a pub in wales who remembered me because of the green beret.

    Mind you I did enjoy watching the troops during P coy - most mornings the road through the barracks resembled Napoleon's retreat from Moscow with the casualties limping up to the med centre...

    Happy days...

    :D :D :D

  4. Dixie

    Whilst all are encouraged to attempt P-Coy, you do not have to pass to serve in the section.

    MV is correct, the name is pronounced as single digits (Eight Nine) not as a number (Eighty nine), as are pretty much all section number/names throughout the corps.

    Good luck with joining, looks like you enjoy your research so should stand you in good stead for the course.
  5. Must admit, I've always called it eight-nine.
  6. But even fewer pass the course to serve with four nine.
  7. Well, there you go. In my day (harumph) the sections in 8 Intelligence Company were always pronounced "Eighty..."

    Or was everyone laughing at me behind my back ?
  8. Indeed - 83 Int Sect at 24 Airportable Bde was always 'eighty three'.

    And a fine lot we were ...
  9. my vote is for "eight nine".

    as in "i ate nine pies last night".
  10. Was there a certain time when this fundamental change took place. It was definitely "eighty-whatever" in the early 1980s ? I think we should be told.

    Eighty-one - Tidworth
    Eighty-two - Colchester
    Eighty-four - Bulford (wasn't HQ 8 Int Coy there as well?)
    Eighty-nine - Aldershot

    Er... I'll have to get my collection of R&Ls out of the loft to remember the rest.
  11. Eight-eights - Germany :)
  12. No, I said eighty nine - its nomenclature during the seventies and eighties. My remaining memory chip remembers all sections were pronounced as such e.g. Fifty Three Security Section, Seventy Four Intelligence Section and Ninety Six Security Section.

    However, these days, because the size of the Corps has increased exponentially there are such organisations as Two Four Three MI Section and they have even given a number to AISU - takes your breath away.....
  13. i too remember it being "Fifty Two Security Section" etc, but i thought 89 was always referred to as "eight nine" :)
  14. Ah, that might be it. They would have to be different from we mere "hats".
  15. Thanks everyone for the feedback, so i'm taking it i would get away with calling it 'eight-nine'.

    I know it's all cloud talk at the moment but i would love to serve in 16 Air Assault in some capacity, i have always held the British Airborne units that served during the second world war and there after in such high regard. One of the first proper books i read growing up was ' A Bridge Too Far' by Cornelius Ryan so that might explain a few things about my interest. I am hoping to visit Arnhem for the 65th Anni. this September (depending on selection/training), it's a shame because the whole thing could have been avoided if they just listened to the Intelligence Officer, Major Brian Urquhart...he did his job.

    Anyway first things first, must pass selection and get recommended for the Int Corps, pass the Chicksands selection process and then complete basic. It's a challenge but that's why i'm doing it!