89 Int Section - Op Corporate 1982

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by Rodney2q, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Dear all

    I've recently been contacted by one of the lads who was in 89 Int during the Falklands fracas. He has just caught up with another one of our old mates from the section.

    We are wondering what the other sncos/jncos have got up to in the intervening years - in particular Andy, Rich and Steve.

    If you know of their whereabouts could you pass this on to them or PM me?


  2. Are you sure it was 89 Int Section during Op Corporate ? As I recall, and it is over 27 years ago now, it had another 8 Int Coy nomenclature. (either 81 or 85). I believe it lost the 89 nomenclature when the Brigade changed from the Para to Airborne role - but I may be wrong.

    I met up with the 5 Inf Bde Int Section on board the QE2 off Ascension whilst with the (yet to be named) HQ LFFI Int & Sy Section. After the surrender of thos South American Gentlemen, we all joined resources initially on board the RFA Sir Bedivere before moving to the LADE Office, next to the Post Office, and finally moving to the New Hostel. Whilst there we celebrated Corps Day in the Malvinas Guest House with a really awful coffee flavoured cake made out of Compo Rations.

    I am in touch with Steve who runs his own "executive" consultancy.

    PM me with details of your contact and I will get in touch with Steve.
  3. After the Falklands, 81 Int Sect became 89 Para Int Sect and 89 became 81 Int Sect.

    Not me being clever (although I was aound at the time) I found it in GD's book.
  4. Wasn't the Para Inst Sect in WW2 89? I believe it has been 89 for most, but not all of its history and that is why it has the name now and doesn't use the current naming conventions of the other sections.
  5. True Bonzo

    But it was also 89 (Para) Int Sect before and all members of the Section wore the maroon beret (I believe most did P Company selection as well). When 16 Parachute Brigade disbanded in 1977, it was replaced by 6 Field Force. 5 Infantry Brigade was formed in late 1981/early 1982, with two Parachute Battalions under command, and 81 Intelligence Section provided support to the Brigade. Only one member of 81 Int Sect (the Ice Cream Man) had passed P Coy and was entitled to wear the maroon beret. Remaining members of the Section wore the Cypress Green of our own dear Corps.

    I have also confirmed with my erstwhile colleague who was in the Section at the time that it was 81 Intelligence Section during the Falklands Campaign.

    I do hope this clarifies things - I was around at the time as well. Had my 29th Birthday on board HMS Fearless, but no prezzies except for a pair of Lesley's black knickers :oops:
  6. 1943 - 45, 89 was a FSS.
  7. I also served with Captain Mivi and was taught the Chanter by their Pipe Major: Angus Magnum Mc Skyrocket III. After practice we always tucked in to Five Boys and Greengage Jam whist Captain Van Orden serenaded us on Kazoo and spoons......etc
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