88th Brigade Machine Gun Corps and 29th Division World War 1

I am looking for any information on the 88th Brigade Machine Gun Corps and the 29th Division during World War 1. I am currently researching and writing a book based on the diaries of a Cpl Angus Mackay who served in the 8th Royal Scots in Gallipoli and then with the 88th Brigade Machine Gun Corps 29th Division on the Western Front. He fought through the Battle of the Somme and then the Battle of Arras where he was severely wounded, dying from his wounds in a POW Camp in Germany.
Is there anyone with an interest in this unit who can share information with me or give me any pointers on books or where I can gather information to help me with my research.
You could also contact the Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association, which is still in existence. It's members are mainly relatives of serving soldiers and people like yourself. They have a very good website. It's possible that other members may know something about the unit you are researching.
You might find that the 88th Brigade (MGC) War Diaries are available on line. Go the the National Archive site and search under Military Documents.
Thanks monstar and gelert I will try both. The diaries I have cover every day from April 1915 until April 1917 so they are pretty comprehensive but I am just looking to tidy up my manuscript with information on the Machine Gun Brigade itself.
Once again thanks
I think that the Machine Gun Corps after its formation trained at Belton House, just north of Grantham in Lincolnshire. It is now a National Trust house, and they might have some info.

The Kings Liverpool Regt. were there earlier in 1915
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try magunncor lodge , they have a lodge history which mentions a couple of VC winners also they might have some other info stashed away in their files . Go to the ugle website and phone up for the secretary's details . might help.
C.E. Crutchley - Machine Gunner 1914-1918. Personal experiences of the Machine Gun corps.

No mention of the 88th Brigade but the 29th Division is mentioned in the index.
Haven't read the book yet but it comes highly recommended.

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