88 Fd Regt & Finding family members service records



Evening all,I've come in here hoping that one of you fine fellows may be able to answer a couple of questions I have, if I need to speak up just let me know :D

I'm currently in the early stages of tracing 2 great uncles on my mother side. Both are buried at Kanchanaburi Cemetery.

One of them was a Lance Sergent who served with 88 Fd Regt Royal Artillery.

I've had a quick search of the web and found out that 88 Fd Regt was in 18th Div, and also with 11th Indian Div with 1 Bty with 9th Indian Div.

Could anyone recommend any good site where i could find out more info about 88 Fd Regt?

Also, when researching my Grandad I just nipped into Regimental HQ and spoke to the archivist. Do the RA have a central archive i could contact to find his records, or will it be a case of writing to the national archives and hoping for the best?

Cheers in Advance Crow

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