87 KD 08. Did you sink my MJ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mad_mick, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Sys Ex Troop, 1992 ish, you sods borrowed my flatbed MJ for driver training and decide to do a little "cross-country" experience on Bovington Tank Training Area. That big, flat expanse of water was a bit deeper than you expected, as the last six inches of the cab roof protruding out of the water with you two standing on it will testify. All I want to know is, have you still got a photo?
  2. Wasn't that the ERV?
  3. I think we've got that beddy in our fleet :wink:
  4. I had that wagon in sysex in 98/99 i think..........carpets were still wet!!! :-D
  5. Yes it was the ERV's prime mover but at the time the Box was dollied in the Ptarmigan garage. (was mounted back on later).
  6. The truck spent a year going between the LAD and the garage, the engine was fcuked, the replacement recon,d engine was also fcuked, the exhaust was fcuked, the battery was fcuked, all the interior was fcuked, beginning to see a theme here? The replacement engine block was painted a different colour to normal. (battleship grey I think), one way of spotting it. last seen in 98 in the little garage of the Ptarmigan building.
  7. mad mick.........your not the guy who has a love of the horses and is currently gettinga suntan are you?
  8. Well, if we get a copy of the picture, you can prove it was once the best goddammed cammed truck in the Corp.
  9. Nope not me, I was the bugger running the ERV and had all them little goodies that the RR ops were desperate for the day before RSIT came to S**t on your det. I wasn't even SysEx , I was FTSG but I Knew how to look after the RR.
  10. I know Mick, I was your Troop Sgt ;-)
  11. I know Guru (PY). Chelsea fans can be found ten a penny, but rabid Mansfield supporters are rarer than an honest politician!

    I just remembered, it was YOU that arranged for my MJ to be used! and we had an argument about it, I was promised that I would be the second person to be put through for my HGV, Yeh, I wonder why that didn't happen!
  12. Looks like I'm not going to get that photo, Moderator can pull the plug on this thread. :(