Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by eve1962, Nov 26, 2004.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmm, not actually sure whether I want to be here !!!!!!!

    Should I stay or should I go??

  2. Its a free country..............but id you are another incarbation of an existing arrse user, a bored spook or shagane please dont bother
  3. To a Kraftwerk tune
  4. I only joined this site today and I'm a very, very nice person! And what is a shagane???????
  5. Stay eve they'll treat you right.
  6. "Targets fall when hit

    Queue 33 Pages of Dribble, Back-stabbing and Bitching.....

    No doubt you are a nice person be watch out we seen this before
  7. Shagane is a man.
  8. In that case welcome to ARRSE :lol:

    What can we do you for? :wink:
  9. don't you have beds to make?
    oh i forgot, you finished at 1130.....

    beebs x
  10. beebs, how do you know shag is a cleaner???
  11. same way i know i work in ASDA i guess....... :?

    Beebs x
  12. Not being vain or anything, but I just can sense the arrival of a new forum dedicated solely to me.

    Give a bit of your precious attention to the author!
  13. We would if you didn't answer back
  14. Eve sorry about the earlier outburst but I was due my medication.

    Nurse has now given it to me and all is fine.

    Welcome to ARRSE I hope you enjoy your stay. be aware of PtP and MDN et al all are devients of the highest order.
    BBC is mother of the Social club and with the Slug has organised a small piss up in London soon.
    Be aware of Baddass he has issues after being dropped on his head as a small child and then being repeatably bounched off the local motorway bridge.
    Be ready for arguments, laughs, back biting, bitching, winging and piss taking. If you are of a nervous disposition stay away from Naffi Bar.

    Once again WELCOME
  15. Oh no, we are dedicated ShagMe if nothing else.
    we'll see this fall through.....
    the new girl, (hello from me) can join in,
    or learn from it......

    Beebs x