85/09 Intake, Catterick 1st all AAC intake.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sebcoe, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Due to the forth coming Corps Birthday, it would be good if any of you lads out there was in the 85/09 intake.

    Please let me know
  2. i was 85/08 and i'm not sure 85/09 was all AAC. i'm sure i would've remembered a load of AAC berets everywhere. Maybe i was too busy with the change parades Sgt Stobbarts' drill lessons!!!!
  3. Ah Sgt Sobbart, Show Smegma removed off sheets, guard house 1900hrs
  4. I was part of that intake, it was the 1st all AAC intake, remember the drill instructor, remember Sgt Stobbard and his catch phrase " Do I say or do I not"! Is Big Bird out there? Dave Bentley is on Linkedin, Taff Chambers, Seb Coe and many other.. who was the guy who we called "Mickey Mouse" after he emptied an smg through an open doorway.. Ive still got the passout video and intake picture.. Ahh yes, remember Terry Alford, he was a good guy......
  5. I was also 85/09 intake and have some great memories of the intake and the fantastic times I had in Army Air Corps. I will take to my grave the memory of Duncan Short shouting the password of Mickey Mouse and him getting the correct response of Donald Duck, then emptying the Smg mag into the room.
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  6. Didn't we get Scholey from 85/08
  7. He died in 2011.
  8. Who died?
  9. That bloke.
  10. How and where?
  11. The bloke who died in England.
  12. I was in 85/09
    Who was it who climbed over the tank outside the block wearing a s10 ?
  13. Christ, now I feel old, what a shame....
  14. Taff my old friend, how very good to see you, hows things? The last time I saw you, Im sure you spent what seemed like months sailing in Keil or somewhere, had yourself a german girlfriend... How and what have you been doing? :)
  15. Did the usual got married to the German girl , got divorced from the German girl stayed single and happy till I got out in 97. Now living in Derbyshire still upright breathing and solidering on