845 Naval Air Squadron achieves the highest standards in naval aviation

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 25, 2012.

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  2. Get the bloody pics right, thats Barney and he's not getting the Breitling trophy!
  3. seaweed

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    MoD RSS is a touche vague about uniforms ..

    Is it manned by rejects from Care in the Community?
  4. How many fleet air arm sqds do we have must be two or possibly three?
  5. We have a few, Commando Helicopter Force have 3 NAS alone...
  6. Frontline:

    849 A&B Flights - now 2 sqns (857 and 858?)
  7. 'kin ell. Have we got enough carriers for all those?
  8. They are in order:

    SAR - Culdrose and Prestwick
    Merlin Sqn - Carrier/AOR based
    Lynx Sqn - FF/DD based
    Merlin Sqn - FF based
    Merlin Sqn - Carrier/AOR based
    SK4 (tbrb Merlin) - CHF
    SK4 (tbrb Merlin) - CHF
    Lx Mk7 (tbrb Wildcat) - CHF
    SK ASaCs - Carrier or AOR based
  9. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    To to translate:
    771 Sqn - Search and Rescue
    814 Sqn - Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Merlin - Based on big ships, go find and kill submarines or search for surface ships.
    815 Sqn - Lynx and Wildcat helicopters onboard frigates and destroyers for ASW torpedo delivery, surface searching for stuff and other general aviation things. Insert boarding teams by fast rope and have the Maritime Sniper Teams embarked.
    820 Sqn - ASW Merlin as above based on frigates doing similar thing to the Lynx but also finding submarines using passive and active sonar
    824 Sqn - ASW Merlina same as 814 Sqn
    845 - Seaking Mark 4 and being replaced by Merlin troop carrying helos. Work for Commando Helicopter Forces. Taxi service for green jobs etc
    846 - As above for 845 Sqn
    847 - Commando Helicopter Forces Lynx for recon and other such things.
    849 A&B Flights - now 2 sqns (857 and 858?) Seaking Mark 7. Provide ariborne survilliance. Very capable at detecting and tracking air and surface contacts.
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  10. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    F'ing DII. Will format the post when I get to my cabin tonight.
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  11. You mean DII (F!!!)?
  12. Learn something every day cheers.
  13. 845

    All Junglies with 848 covering training and other stuff...
  14. Alfred - 854 and 857 are the two new SK ASaCs squadrons. I'm guessing that 849 is now the HQ unit for the type (in the same way as 899 was for the jet we dare not mention lest Yokel links to a thread on PPrune...).