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  1. Posting in one forum is sufficient otherwise you may get tagged as a spammer. :roll:
  2. It will be in the NAAFI bar soon and then it's fire for effect!!
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Well, you've managed to destroy any goodwill / help that your request may have generated by spamming all over the forum.

    Well done.
  4. Jonathan I've already told you to send me your credit card details and I can sort everything out, no need to ask anyone else.
  5. hey lads i do apologise. I really honestly didnt know about your spamming policy. Just emailing the administrator now to get them deleted off.

  6. You should be able to delete them yourself.

    Great start shitlips. :roll:
  7. I'd suggest deleting the thread and reposting it in the NAAFI forum - thats where the most welcoming and helpful people live.....
  8. Nah not when someone has made a reply to the topic, admin has to delete it off.

  9. You should at least edit each of the titles and threads to read 'I bum goats and can take a Shire Horse up my hoop'.

    Its in the site policy you know?
  10. You can still edit the other three posts though to say something more appropriate.

    Like "I am a spammer, please ignore me".

    Try another source. Few people where likely to have helped you to begin with, even less will now.

    edit: Great minds eh Flash... :wink: