83 year old Walt - but profitable

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Petardier, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. He's been claiming since 1988 :? and noone twigged prior?

    Good to see the wheels turning, but I doubt the Aussies will see any of that money come back.

    He should be brought out for every Rememberence Day and left in a cage by the car park with "I steal others valour" in neon lights.
  2. Perhaps they should try the crucifixion on him that he said he received on the Burma-Siam railway :x
  3. No surprise really.All Australians are children of convicts and criminals.
  4. Wait until ANZMI.net get hold of him, the waltfinders have nothing on them
  5. Wooosha!! Didn't see that one coming!
  6. Hi all,
    Not only do we beat you in cricket and footy,We outwalt you as well.
    Cheers :D
  7. And I suppose you are proud of your convict relatives as well?
  8. My ancestors paid their way out to South Australia
  9. Aye!!! But where did they get the cash from :twisted:
  10. Paid with their freedom and liberty.
  11. Fancy being a walt of the highest order. Unreal
  12. Offset this guy against the USMC Walt fined $250k...is Walt entropy preserved??
  13. Mate, you are nobody in this country unless you can trace your ancestry back to a convict! Being able to prove a link to a First Fleet convict in Australia is like being in line to the throne in the UK. My lot paid for their passage, which makes us worse than pikeys:-(

    Regarding our geriatric walting friend, I particularly appreciated the comment of one of his pals (who was a genuine POW of the Japanese).

    Don't remember his precise words, but they were along the lines of,

    "He's still my mate, but he's a complete fcukwit". The walt doesn't deserve mates like that.