83 SIB (V).

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by armourer, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Was/is there such a unit as 83 SIB (V) and if there was/is would they have ever done training at PATA and would the civvie rozzers go with them ?

    PM if this is affects OpSec etc please.

  2. Do you have a possible 'Walt' in your sights?
  3. I think so, I think he's claiming to be civvie rozzer but has trained with or worked with 83 SIB (V) it's a bit confusing. I want to be fairly clear on my facts before saying anything.
  4. Yes, still exist, Worthy Down somewhere apparently. As for working with civvy police, don't all SIB at some point cross paths in their investigaions?
  5. If it is a TA unit, then they should all be civvy plod.
  6. Thanks all.
  7. Did you get the reply you were after ?
    Unit exists...usually v.experienced CID officers.
  8. Yes they do, and I have their staff list... :)
  9. Someones given that man too many key's to the kingdom. Why aren't you ruling Nationstates yet DD with your machevellian tendancies? :D
  10. Hardly 'machiavellian' old chap - I was involved in some training for them, that's all! :)

    Edited to sort my cr@p punctuation out.
  11. ant darling - should I buy you a dictionary for your 18th birthday?
  12. The little scrote was a walt.
    Walt posing as a firearms squad policeman who had trained with 83 SIB (V).
    Even worse he owed me money.

    Scrote thought that by telling me (via phone and email) that he was a gun carrying copper with SIB training I'd back off from visiting him. He had fooled a group of civvies into believing he was the "man".

    He no longer owes me money.
    He no longer walts as a copper armed or otherwise
    He, on reflection does not claim to have trained with SIB anymore.
  13. well done armourer...........can you sort out mil.supply.com people for me now?
  14. I have to say the thought of SIB types wandering about armed to the teeth fills me - and them (he says, looking across the room at my SIB chum) with forboding.

    I believe we have Army types skilled in carrying guns already - aren't they called 'soldiers'? ;)