82nd Adopt New Firing Stance


Although it's a few years since I last worked at Bragg with the 'All Americans', I've always rated them reasonably proficient in the shooting department. So I was gobsmacked to find that they have now adopted the African Discharge method of engaging a target - i.e. point your assault rifle in the general direction of the enemy without looking down the sights, then pull back the trigger until the magazine is empty.

At least two of the guys on the Fallujah rooftop footage which has been showing on the UK news programmes today were using that very method. Not only that, but at least half of them were exposing so much of their upper bodies over the parapet that if there had actually been anybody still left in the target buildings with a rifle and half-decent skills, there would be more names on the casualty reports tonight.

No this was not the Lebanese Unload - that is where they point their rifle vertically and let rip, without thinking where and how fast their rounds will return to earth at the end of their 1500 foot climb - these guys were firing horizontally.

Having watched the footage again, it could be that I have done the 82nd an injustice, and may have confused Marines for Airborne - in which case I apologise. The guys in question were wearing 'coffee stain' BDUs, rather than Desert MARPAT BDUs, so they could have been either. The footage that news channels are showing is being described as Marines in a firefight at Fallujah, but as the media cannot tell the difference between a Chinook and a Sea Knight, and constantly show footage of the latter when talking about the former, I'm not convinced.



Marines I think if the footage was recent. The 1 MarDiv took over from the 82nd a few weeks ago. By the way this is the same formation that was alongside 1 (UK) Div on TELIC 1
Falluja is the Marines AO
Did you see what their target was? the news crew zoomed in to reveal a:

It must have been on their 'deck of cards' cos it was taking a teriffic amount of rounds.

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