81st Sigs (TA)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dirk_digler, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. joining up with the 81st. currently CSe with Openreach. check out here- http://www.army.mod.uk/9194.aspx

    got some really good info from a fellow arrse poster about deployment, training etc but looking to know a bit more about the recruitment process if anyone has recently joined up.

    im told the interview will be in grantham, lincs. i live at lands end Cornwall so a fair old treck. any info much appreciated.

  2. Lands End to Grantham!!!! sweet jevus

    surley you must have a more local TA for your initial interview, even if it's not sigs

    get ready for you medical and selection training NOW, sit ups, press ups, chin ups and RUN, RUN, RUN

    selection is fantasic
  3. Grantham...who told you that, they are based in Wiltshire.
  4. there are local TA units but 81st is specialist fixed comms-exactly what i do well. plus i want fiber training. i know their hq is in corsham but i was told the interview process is at grantham.

    started the running long distance a few weeks ago....going ok ish. 1.5miles in just over 10min. but anything over 2-3miles im fooked at the mo.

    i was more interested in the selection process.ie interview/ technical assesment/fitness tests etc.
  5. Take class 3 SEAP padlocks for your locker.
  6. It is 81 Sig Sqn, not 81st. Very few Signal Sqns are refered to as "st", "nd", "rd" or "th"s.

    ie. 211 is refered to as Two Eleven Sig Sqn, but 226 is Two Two Six. 230 is Two Thirty, but 256 is two five six.

    No real help I know.

    Enjoy 81 though, never served with, but have worked with them. And they are a good bunch, who work and play in equal measure. I may be wrong but they look at your existing trade skills a lot. Whereas a non-spec unit would just check you had two arms and two heads, these guys need you for your skills....
  7. PM me mate im in 81...