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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sympathetic_Reaction, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Evening all,

    I'm running through a work related document and as I have never used the 81mm system in anger (or even while happy) I have a couple of questions, if anyone feels the urge to reply I'd appreciate it.

    1. How long to assemble the system, input range info (bearing/elevation) and be on task for first round down range?

    2. How do you produce a beaten zone at the far end, is it just relying on the ammunition/weapon being naturally inaccurate or do you vary firing conditions?

    3. How long to dissassemble, pack up and get moving from the moment you fire the last round?

    4. What additional complications arise from firing from the back of a vehicle (e.g. 432)?



    p.s. I have the infantry pams and suchlike, but info from the horses mouth is always better. PM if you like, or just abuse here is fine.
  2. Answer removed for obvious reasons

    Ulster Rifleman
  3. The beaten zone is a result of a whole host of natural variables such as wind, met or relative altitude. For answers to your other questions ask your friendly mortar platoon.
  4. Exactly why do you ask about this topic

  5. Assembly time also differs depending if you're using a monopod.

    Also whether bedding in/digging in goes on.

  6. Bedding going on? Is this like motrar platoon luuurrve? I've heard about the infantry being just like one big happy family, now it's confirmed as incest.

    Oh, and on your PAM's, does it say RESTRICTED on the top and bottom of the pages? there's a reason for that :D

    edited to add: Twll Tin Pob Sais - ust noticed your location
  7. I suppose failure to remove the right number of augmenting cartridges is an unnatural variable, then.

    Increases the beaten zone, though. And thereby makes the mortar more effective..... :?

    Friendly? To outsiders? Incest reaches levels beyond mere sex, you know.
  8. I know, that's why I've not gone into any detail.
  9. Depends, if you do it like the Bootie det I remember in Otterburn some years back who got a misfire when stoking away, then it all happens concurrently WITH your last round.
    My bro's det fired from the same stand the following week, the Col's hound was still finding bits to scoff. Poor sods.
  10. Your best bet, if you haven't got a friendly mortar platoon to hand, is to contact Mortar Div at LWC Warminster. And before anyone jumps in I don't mean friendly as in 3 Para Mortars friendly. That's just taking bedding in to extremes!

  11. 1)Depends on the crew, and if you are using a bipod, the 81mm can be fired with just the tube and baseplate, and a brave number 3.

    2)Already answered, but basically a beaten zone is produced regardless!!!

    3)Depends on the crew and the shite thats incoming.

    4)Complications? it doesnt get any better, you dont walk and you have a BV for brews. Oh and a number 3/driver to make them :)

    Edited to add, assembly/firing times are dependant on too many factors to be relevent.

    ie, if its on a range or in action or snap firing or cold and wet or training or if your CPO is a bloody hard bast who hits you with a HE round if you fook up or if the CO is watching etc etc etc

    General rule of thumb though, from being given action bearing to firing first, is about 20 seconds in snap to a few minutes if your waiting on MFC control info.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Back in the day...

    Dismount, set up, level the sights and be ready to drop one down range from a moving vehicle...about 50 seconds.

    Beaten zone is dependant on setting up your firing line, you can then shoot in each tube correcting to get your required beaten zone but it takes a long time...in mortar terms.

    Pack up, back in the vehicle for shoot and scoot or bounding overwatch...about 45 seconds.

    This was from Ratels using 81mm mortars, copies of the French Brandt, range 5,000 meters, two weapons per Ratel back in 1981-1985.

    We practiced a LOT!!
  13. Alternatively you could actually be firing 6 round rapid FFE and double feed! Same effect, they died.
    RIP Mne Glenn Miller Comacchio Coy, Mne Anthony Helstrip 45 Cdo Gp RM, Mne Peter Butchers, 45 Cdo Gp RM, 18 Mar 1982.

  14. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the info people I appreciate the help.

    True but considering I got most of the info I wanted from 20 minutes on youtube and timing the videos online I don't think what I asked for is all the way up there with national nuc codes.

  15. 1. Depends on how slick the team is

    2. Depends on various factors including, wind, temperature, humidity, minute of variations of propellant within the charge, yaw, how well the plate is bedded in (that means how stable the baseplate has settled into the ground after firing the first couple of rounds), the frontage of the the mortar section etc, etc.

    3. As for 1

    4. 432 is generally alot quicker into action and doesn't have to bed in providing they make it that far