81mm Mortar B qualification

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abs4253, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Im on my b-qual course in April, does anyone have any tips or advice on kit I need or things I can prep before I go on the course?

  2. Is that the CPO course?

    Only did section commander, mostly needed beer tokens (needed to wax the voice box after shouting so much)
  3. No, its so you can plan a mortar range/shoot.
  4. abs4253, are you RRV?
  5. Map and protractor plotting.
    Basic maths.
    All characteristics of the weapons system and mnemonics. (RSM WANTS MEN, FART, BEACHLOAF) etc

    Good luck!

    Edited for the right course!
  6. No ewrr
  7. Abs, Firstly you are asking for advice on your PNCO cadre now you are on an 81mm mortar B-qual course?

    Is it who ever turns up at your TAC first gets the highest rank?

    Or do you work on the rank lottery system?

  8. Yes we do have a rank lottery system its directly linked to the fruit machine in the mess, anyway Skkottt you must have hit the Jackpot when Glasgow lost your records and you suddenly acquired the rank of L/CPL without having to do a PNCO's cadre :wink:
  9. Your not the only one confused I'm sure I've got B qual, abs if you are more senior - you probably knew me (I'm ex 3 PWO).
  10. I was in PWO back in 97, who are you Polar?
  11. Was you in when Goole TA centre closed? I can remember WO2 drinking his own sick.
  12. Leeds Mortar Rifles went RSigs @ SDR

  13. The PNCO cardre ment nothing back in 43 wITH the red hordes bearing down on our necks
  14. I was B coy.

    I remember when Goole TAC shut down after SDR. Col Barley shut them down prison style.
  15. Thats right the C2 sight along with the TLE was found at the gates of Stalingrad.