81 Signal Squadron (TA Specialists)

Dear all,

I've got an interview soon with 81 Signal Squadron (Reservists). I'm looking to join the TA Specialists and, working in the telecomms industry, 81 Squadron looked an obvious first choice.

I would be interested to hear (PM if you want) anyone's thoughts on this outfit, what their set-up is like, how they compare to other TA Specialist regiments, and what opportunities there are beyond the mandatory 19 days training.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The Cisco Kid
81 Sigs is predominantly made up of Inst Techs with some Systems Engineering Technicians. Their main role is to provide additional manpower to assist the Inst Techs at 10 Sigs with their operational taskings, however they sometimes work independently as tasked by the Comms Planning Office at Corsham. Part of the criteria for joining them is that you have to be a telecomms engineer in civi street hence why most of their guys are BT employees.
im an install tech at corsham, i have worked with 81 sig sqn quite a few times now including now on op telic 10, they are a sound bunch of lads who deploy around the world to places like bosnia, cyprus, iraq, afghan, brunei. there normal operations last between 2 -6 weeks deploying as a surge team to help the installs out when there is alot on.

the job is mainly install tech work though if you have comms backround in cabling you might be ok.
I echo TM 931s comments. In a previous life at Staff, they proved invaluable to either augmenting the Instl work of 10 Sig Regt or CPO and more than adept at handling their own projects.

Useful chaps.
Please could any members of 81 Signals working for Openreach PM me. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you... Failing that I'm sure most of my questions could be answered by anyone from 81 Signals. Thanks.
I always wondered why someone would work all week jumpering and terminating, and then go and do the same thing at the weekend.
bobbit said:
In reply to Guru's thread.........change on environment and change of scenery................also extra dosh...
You would have a better change of scenery and environment if you became an infanteer. You wouldn't have to do the same shite at the w/e that you do in the week....
My own experience was as follows:

Missing the green life and having received a few "why don't you join us" letters from other TA units I looked into what would suit me/ where I could be most useful. 81 seemed the answer in terms of role, commitment and proximity.

I then asked the venerable members of ARRSE about it too.

I was invited along to a fam meeting of the usual slideshows etc and met the seniors and officers. A sound and squared away bunch and after a one-on-one interview was pretty much accepted based on my experience etc.
I was looking forward to it :)

All good so far? here comes why I didn't join.

As a regular I'd been to Corsham before and knew the camp so knew where to go. The civvy gate guards 'knew' better when I turned up for the fam visit and so after doing a round robin of a couple of the camps at their insistence I eventually got onto the camp I started at and headed to where I needed to go.

At the end of the interviews they had run out of paperwork so I couldn't sign on the spot as it were or claim for travel costs as promised. I returned home and after a couple of days called them and was promised the paperwork was on its way. This repeated for a couple of weeks.

A couple of months later and changes in circumstance (missus preggers and me firmly convinced they politely were not carrying on with taking me on) I got a call from them asking whether I was going to join or not? 8O

I thought about it but if they couldn't 'look after' me and my paperwork before I'd even joined what would happen if I was deployed?

I didn't feel that I could entrust myself to them so didn't carry on. This was about 3 years ago and I'm sure that I'll probably be the exception not the rule.

In summary.

Civvy gate guards - twats and useless to boot - nothing to do with any unit there but an added nause.
The unit itself - beyond what I've described I'd be talking out of my hoop so I'll leave it there. Certainly more interesting than being an Infanteer on a technical level. I speak as a former ARAB/ STAB/ Infanteer/ Scaley before the flak flys.

Give them a chance, without a missus up the duff I may well have cracked on, being fecked about is one of the many traditions of the Army :D
I'm going through the app process for 81 at the moment. Openreach management seem pretty clueless as to the role of the TA and 81 Sigs (despite having several lads on my team).
Im an openreach engineer was on copper for a couple of years and now moved to fibre. Saw an advert in this months "BT Today", thought it looked interesting and went to the url printed, and like everything else with BT it didn't work haha.

Whats the process of enrolement like? will you be trained first etc... Obviously i don't want to go signing myself up to being on the front line using a gillette to fight the bearded fellas. As usual everything regarding the army is made hunky dory and i could end up signing myself up for more than i was wanting

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