81 Signal Squadron Corsham

Anybody got any info on this squardon, can't find anything on the Army website, a general web search doesn't return the squadron website (if they have one that is).

Am I right in saying that they are a national unit ?
81 Has it's own page on Army Net with Squadron info and yes they are a National/Specialist Unit
Here's the link:

There's been a bit of a mess-up in the army's change from their old system (ACMS) to the new system (RedDot). The old pages were supposed to be available at their old URLs until the end of this year, with the new pages active somewhere else for tweaking. However, it has happened the other way around so all google searches for army subunits now bring you to the wrong place.

How to get around this is to do your google search, go to the linked webpage, then change www. to www2. in order to find the old page.

81 is a national unit recruiting from the telecoms industry mainly BT plc

if you need more info pm me as i joined 81 last year.


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