81 Sig Sqn

I have an interview at 81 Sig Sqn soon, can anyone here tell me anything about this mob that I wouldn't have heard through official channels?

Basically I'm after details "from the horses mouth". Is it a good working environment? Are the people I could be potentially serving with decent and in fairness how could I best fit in with them?


They are a "specialist" unit so there are no drill nights or anything like that. They have their ITD's weekend over a long weekend once or twice a year and from what I can gather get gucci camps to Acension/cyprus/gib. They are mostly employed in their role on these camps. My unit used to share recruit training with these guys so I have met some of the ones who help out on that and there were a fair few deployed on Telic and whilst most found it hard to begin with on the Mil side of life due to their lack of training hours, they were in general a top bunch of blokes you should have a good laugh with them.
If you are looking for a specialist R Sigs unit this is the way for you. If however you want a "normal" R Sigs TA unit where you parade on a Tue/Wed night you might want to take a look at 21 Sigs in Bath (there are a couple of guys who travel from Swindon) or 39 Sigs in Bristol.
Best of luck
Thanks for the info matey. Seems just what I'm after. :D

Just hope I'm not too over the hill!
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