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80th anniversary remembered.


War Hero
On Saturday 15th August 2020, The Poole Branch and the Christchurch (Dorset) Branch, Royal Air Forces Association, together with the Bournemouth, Poole & District Branch, Royal Tank Regiment Association, took part in a moving graveside remembrance service In Bournemouth East Cemetery. They were there to commemorate and remember Pilot Officer Cecil Hight of Stratford, New Zealand. P/O Hight was a Spitfire pilot with No 234 Squadron, Royal Air Force. On 15th August 1940 Cecil's was one of 20 RAF fighters that intercepted a large Luftwaffe force over the south coast of England. The German force consisted of 40 JU87 "Stuka" dive bombers, escorted by 60 ME109E fighters and 25 ME110 fighters. On seeing the opposition, the British commander is reputed to have said to his pilots, "right chaps, let's go and surround them". Tragically during this action Cecil Hight was shot down over Bournemouth and killed.

80 years to the day, his sacrifice was remembered.


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A brave young man, a long way from home and family. Great to hear that he hasn't been forgotten.
Adding a bit to the above Post - just down the road from Bournemouth is Poole.

In 1940 - UK's very survival was at stake.
Covid was just a fart in the wind compared with the trials they had to go through.

Communities got together and did various activities to raise money to build a eg fighter aircraft. They got to name it too, as they had paid for it . The going rate was £6,000 for a Hurricane.

My Uncle David Drew flew one on behalf of Poole.
This war was personal

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