80s TV Programme "Combat"??

Hello all,

Is it just me that can remember a TV programme on in the late 80's that was based upon Inf Regt/Battalion's in a competion? I thought it was called Combat and was based loosely on the Cambrian Ptl, i mentioned it in work today and a assortment of WO's and Staffies gave me a blank look!

Anyone confirm that my marbles are still contained in my super nugget?

Cheers in advance!
The final I remember consisted of the KOSB x-country ski team, who seemed to treat the whole thing as not too serious, and a team of paras who said that if they didn't win they couldn't go back to their battalion. The paras just edged it. Big "keep the army in the public eye" effort, basically.
Christ, I'm getting old...ISTR an American drama series about a bunch of GI's in WWII which was also called Combat...and that would have been in the 70's! 8O :oops:
combat did exist, honest. My old regiment 2nd Bn Scots Guards took part. No links, because, like you, i can't be arsed using "google" as my friend, but it is on there.

The guys who took part thought themselves pretty hard core, then it went on screen, oh dear.

Was there not an Airborne (Para Reg) unit involved? (2 Para spring to mind).
Is that the one where they had to patrol through a "jungle" avoiding trip flares (sometimes carrying a rigid raider type inflatable), and then call in an "airstrike" on a pillbox/sangar on the other side of a river? I remember watching it as a kid, and enjoying it.
I remember the show . It was in 1989 and just lasted one series . I missed the latter episode so have no idea what regiment won
Vaguely remember this one. Not much detail though. Seem to recall "County" Regiment doing things slowly and methodically and the Paras racing about and getting into difficulties...

Here's one though, also late 80s TV (BBC) - Any one remember "In The Highest Tradition"? I t was all about the traditions (Regimental, Mess etc) of various Regiments. Remember Fusiliers eating Minden Roses, someone (CSM? RSM?) Drinking from a cup with an SLR bayonet under his chin, resting on a table, Cav types and a silver chamber pot full of champagne and Gunners (Rocket Troop???) drinking Aquavit and toasting "The King!"... Had it on VHS for ages, but lent it to a mate's girlfriend who was in TV production and was looking into doing a similar documentary about some foreign service, but never got it back... Had a quick Google just now but no joy...

Anyone's memory jogged or anyone know if it is commercially available (DVD)?

I remember it well, watched it from beginning to end.
Anneka Rice and Emlyn Hughes.

The Reg won, and was hoping there would be a follow up.
I remember the trip wire, one of the guys used silly string to find it. Didn't the para's burst a tyre on the Wombat and ended up carrying it instead?
Bloody hell, just watched that clip. On the RRF team, the short arse gwa was my C/Sgt and later CSM and the tall bloke with the tache was my instructor on the jnco cadre, both went on to be RSM's...

I'm off for a lie down 8O
Spacehopper383 said:
I remember the trip wire, one of the guys used silly string to find it. Didn't the para's burst a tyre on the Wombat and ended up carrying it instead?
Yes, and still managed to win with (ABI).
The part I liked was the tree across the road (ambush) everyone else stopped or tried to work out what to do.
When our lads came across it, there was no hesitation and drove strait over the tree at full speed :lol: :lol:
1 Queens had two teams training for it in 89 while rest of the battalion was on Trumpet Dance in the USA. I know at least one of the officers who commanded a team is still serving.

Re the YouTube piece, I did Rowallan Company with Harry Shapland of the Irish Guards, he was tragically killed when two Blackhawks were shot down over the NoFly zone in Northern Iraq in 94 - nice guy.
ISTR there were at least two series of 'Combat', because each of the Infantry Divs (incl. Guards and PARA) were represented by a regimental team and the Queen's Regiment and RRF both represented the Queen's Division.

One task was recovering a piece of 'secret radar kit' dropped by parachute on one of the islands in the middle of a large ake (Hawley?) . They had to paddle over in an inflatable recce dinghy. Despite the bright orange day-glo parachute hanging off a tree being clearly visible, I remembered several of the teams went to the wrong island - didn't really do the image many favours that one :oops:
remember the Queens not doing to well and failing miserably on the 51mm shoot

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