80s tv prog "PARAS"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by datumhead, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Cant find any threads about this so anyone remember it?

    Think it followed a platoon through basic and into service.
    'bout 81-82?

    Just wondered what became of them.
  2. Remember it well and got the book that went with the series! Cracking programme filmed around the time of the Falklands!
  3. got the book at home a bbc production and book - really good!
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It was on air in BFG in March 1982 when I returned home on leave. I was dreading missing an episode because BFBS usually showed things on the right day but a week late after the tapes had been shipped out (to Moenchenstrapback IIRC - or maybe Rheindahlen). So when we went home on leave, we tended to miss the first episode on return home then get the last episode from home a second time on return.

    But The Paras was actually one of the first programmes to be transmitted on the nascent Live Link, so we missed nothing.

    ISTR the last episode was in the April, after the Falklands crisis had kicked off and a number of recruits jumped straight on board the QE2, seconded to the Grey Funnel Line.

    The platoon became known in Para circles as Hollywood Platoon because of their fame. Except that it was generally agreed that the presence of the cameras screwed the recruits and the general quality of the passed-out trained Paras was below average, so having been in Hollywood Platoon was not something to boast about.
  5. Just for your info I saw a recent post somewhere that the producers of the original show were seeking out the old cast of 480 Platoon to do a 'Where are they now?' - would be interesting to see where they all are today. But I know of at least one of the section commanders died with the SAS a couple of years later in a fire fight. Shite happens.

  6. Didn't another of the section commanders die in a mortar training accident with 1 PARA?

    Re. the recruits, note name of whistle-blower in Aegis 'trophy video' scandal and 480 Platoon roll......(MODs please delete if PERSEC issue).

    [s'OK by me - Mr H (Mod)]
  7. Doesn't play.
  8. Yeah very funny. I'm not that dull. It won't play just get a white square wher the film should be. I have tried deinstalling and reinstalling flash but no joy!
  9. Sorry mate, wasn't taking the pish.
  10. If you have limewire search for P Company. I think it is from the BBC only 200.4MB.
  11. Headguards in the milling, no wpns being carried on the streatcher race.........shocking. :wink: fecking takes you back watching that.

    You feel old when you see that one of the P Coy staff is a bloke you went through depot with......:D