80s kids, do you remember these Atari games ???

What a great site, have just wasted hours on it.
I don't have a lot of spare time, now the missus has just popped in giving me ear ache. Sommat' bout doing the pots.
There's a number of these sites on the web, and they all roll back the years. Brilliant fun, but the hours can race past if you're not careful!!

The one that says controls???
Darts are crap....but the golf is good......got 18 under par on my first attempt! Must get the clubs out again now that my confidence is restored....

and I love the sound on space inveaders!!!! works well with sub-woofer 8)

house foundations a bit shakey now though ! :lol:


This could be bad news for many people, i just killed two hours on the site.

i only wanted to check my mail!! :D
Bearing_Picket said:
Yes, anyone got the keys to D Kong.. good site.
Use the arrow keys and space to jump.
oh yeah, and dont forget to left click once when the game has loaded!!
Yeah, its weird. I spent a while finding out. First you have to click the cursor on the game window and leave the cursor on it. Use the arrow keys and you are then stuck to your seat forever.
Back to the Jumper game, see yuh...... 8O
Bearing_Picket said:
Thanks...... is there only 1 level on Kong? :(
if you remember, the original hand held game had two screens and was something of a revelation at the time.
Even though its only a short game, it was a fairly advanced format of its time.

Anyone else remember the dirty orange coloured hand held?
I gave my other half abuse for spending an hour playing on it and I've just spent 2 hours playing pac man. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

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