80's Issue kit. Did it have any redeeming features at all?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Speedy, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Let's face it, when many of us were fresh faced sprogs eagerly transferring our freshly issued 1157 from various bags and packaging into our lockers many (many) moons ago, most of us were agog at the sheer amount and variety of it, and often told by training staff about how valuable and cutting edge it all was. Fast forwards 12 months and you're in Germany, it's winter and you are so cold that the last time you felt your feet was 3 days ago. So, in no particular order my list of the most hated issue items of the 80's:

    1. DPM Waterproofs aka the crisp packet. 5 Mins with these on and you've sweated out more fluid to the inside of them than you would have had in a 30 min rainstorm. Forget even trying to be slightly stealthy in them.

    2. Boots Combat High (BCH). Evil footwear with a thousand different ways of doing up the laces all in the belief that it will prevent the permanent crippling of your feet. None seemed to work. Also good for turning your feet to blocks of ice in the winter and having the water resistance of a used teabag. Introduced to meet the shortcomings of the DMS boot after the Falklands conflict it was clearly designed by an Argentinian.

    3. Combats. They took all the great features of the 70's issue DPM combats such as jacket linings, good stitching and robustness. Then removed them in favour of flimsy badly made material and pockets that would tear at the slightest snag. And why on earth did I get issued a hood for the 70's version?

    4. Thermal underwear. A long sleeved vest and long johns that were rated to provide warmth only on a balmy August afternoon. Any time past October forget it.

    5. NI Gloves. Looked alley as hell as long as you didn't mind cold wet hands.

    I think I'll stop there, apart from to say that apart from lightweights and jersey heavy wool it was all gash and once I'd been issued with CS95, Pro Boots +random other stuff you get on Winter tours it made me realise just how bad it all was. So my question is this, was there any piece of 80's issue clothing that was useful, well made and fit for purpose, and what planet were you on when you received it?
  2. the SLR ,nuff said (not really clothing but a natty accessory)
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  3. Warry as you like when worn over Crewguard helmets in Recce Troop.
  4. And the music was shit too!
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  5. Are you all dementing, how many times has this same thread been repeated?
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    What thread ?
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  7. I joined up just as these items were coming to the end of their time (thank ****).

    It wasnt until I asked on ARRSE how the infantry managed to stay silent while patrolingwith waterproofs on that I found out they didnt wear them.

    I thought the green army road slappers were far worse than the boots, not only did they kill your feet, heels, ankles and shins they look gay as **** with army green socks on.

    I quite liked the combats I thought they were a lot more rugged and warmer than Combat 95.

    Thermal (My ******* arse) underwear, the only use for it was for the training screws amusement for show parades.

    NI gloves, were great from sticking between the straps (cheesewire) of your large pack and your shoulders.
  8. The tank suit, now that was a crap bit of kit, you sweated in it like a paedo in a playground, it kept the smell and sweat in, and pulled ur nuts up. And wasn't waterproof.
  9. Kidney pouches on the 58 pattern webbing were awesome - you could get ******* allsorts in them.

    Also, I still use issued long johns today - they're perfect for keeping you warm when you're working (admittedly, if you're sat around doing **** all all day, they won't be very effective.

    Erm, army issued sunglasses for comedy value. that's about it really.
  10. DPM waterproofs we called them BiB's - boil in the bag's - good for a sweat on - bad if you were doing cs gas drills
  11. The green jumpers were warm but it was a pain in the arrse shaving them and at least they got rid of puttees in the 80's.
  12. how about the 80's NBC suit - looking back we were going to be really safe in those bastards !!
  13. Green Maggot. Still got mine and it's ******* brilliant.
    Barrack dress shiny keks, ******* awful things.
  14. Have to say that as young Tom in the 70's, before all the self bought kit was even available or even thought of, we pretty much stagged on with what we were given. Being switched on in the feild meant wearing a sweat shirt instead of an issue shirt. If it rained, we got wet and stagged on, if it was cold/snowed we found something else to wear like extra socks/tights/football shirts/civvy jumpers...and just toughed it out as there was no one who gave a feck, and any whinging was pretty much crushed at source by your section comdr or old sweats tbh.

    It wasn't until the Ulster tours started that we began to see the bergans, boots and water proofs that then became general issue.

    The 80's were better as the other kit already mentioned, such as smocks and jungle trousers, became easier to source.

    Fecking 'ell Speedy.....you weren't even PBI and you're whinging about the kit ;-)
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  15. NI gloves saved my little finger from a rather snappy tank hatch!
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