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  1. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    LMAO...I have to send that to my dad, he was in Germany 76-83!!
  2. oh my god...memory lane! We were there 80-83, in and around JHQ!! :D
  3. '86-96' for me...sighs wistfully :roll:
  4. I was a brat in the Traz around that time. 'Wonderful' memories of such delights as the NAAFI lottery...

    Good find!
  5. Ahh Karina Schnabel. Hallo guten tag.
  6. So was I 8O Ask him about Uncle Bill and Badger
  7. Crikey, the Tele hadn't been invented on my first posting to Hameln, we only had Beefers Radio with the grumble weeds on Saturday mornin.
    Radio 2 could be picked up if you wrapped enough don 10 around the perimeter fence and stood in a specific spot without moving.
  8. The Me Mark Page show on a Saturday morning, was actually quite funny if i remember
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Who was the rather camp presenter in the late 80's?
  10. Mark Page was hilarious as was Nankers who I had the pleasure of buying drinks in FI as his wallet had been hermetically sealed. :x
  11. Whatever happened to him as when I came back in 91 he had vanished
  12. I believe he had a programme on radio Tees, or TFM, in his native north east. Not as funny as Nankers though :D
  13. I remember watching BFBS TV in the early 80s. When I first got there the TV started at about 18:00 and went on until 23:00. The rest of the time it was testcard with radio. The radio service was much better then, even if it was only one channel. Anyone remember Nankers the "old horse" from BFPO 3 & sixpence?
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  14. Would that have been Andrew Pastouna? :?