800 US Concentration Camps- FEMA and the REX-84 Prog

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by actiontoday, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. 800 Detention camps have been constructed over the past few years throughout the USA to house American citizens at the stroke of one signature from the president "If you are not for us, you are against us"
    How concerned should the average american really be?

  2. I think most Americans would feel reassured that their government has some sort of contingency planning and resources in place - for whatever purposes. Try to imagine any type of war/ disaster scenario in UK Plc, and you can only conclude "we're fnucked"....
  3. "How concerned should the average American really be?".

    Depends how big their tin foil stetsons are.
  4. Who gives a fcuk anyway?
  5. In bold. Fatal that one I think.

    Thats what an administration up to no good would rely on, that the citizen would remain complacent and just assume that the government is operating with an overall benign intent.

    But that very outlook must surely be questioned when you see the senator being blocked from asking Col Oliver North (Iran/Contra arms deal) questions about the program. If its for the good of the public why does it have to be kept secret from the public?

    Over the past few years whilst our attention has been diverted to matters of war in the Middle East, Cheney and the Department of Homeland Security have been busily building the physical and administrative infrastructure necessary to run a totalitarian state.

    Whilst to us, the poor benighted citizen who shortly will be suffering the mother of all, shock and awe economic collapses and seeing this as a catastrophe, others in power in America will view it as an opportunity to institute Directive 51.
  6. I would have thought everybody who wishes to remain living in a civil, democratic society under the rule of law where the elected rulers have to be accountable to and work in the best interests of those who elected them.

    Isn't that what our grand parents fought for in the second world war?

    That said, if you are one who has served in either the Iraq or Afghan theaters, the element of total despair and cynicism in your remark is thoroughly understandable.
    I'm sure had I gone through that experience I also would have been inclined to express the very same thought before reaching for another can.
  7. Ethan,
    Do we have an elected Prime Minister,no we do not.
    Our leaders and their cronies are interested in themselves,no-one else.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, who gives a fcuk? I'd be interested (if this wasn't a proper tinfoil hat thing with loads of links to bacofoil sites) to see what your good ol' redneck with his 'right to bear arms' would make of a suggestion that internment camps were being set up across the US with a view to 'controlling a potentially hostile people'.

    "Yeeehaaaww cuzzin-paw, you sure shot dat there haypachy thingymabob good'n'proper with yowa 30 ort siiex, but he's'a'still cummin, wut we gunna do now?"
  9. Do we have an elected Prime Minister,no we do not.

    The British system is to NOT elect a PM, we , the electorate , elect an MP , the largest group (party) of MPs then elect a leader. That means that our elected representatives have , on our behalf, elected a PM. This is as it always has been . The oft made statement that this PM was not elected is therefore no argument.

    Incidentally I wouldn't p**s on this one if he was on fire but until such time as the party are voted out we have to live with him.
  10. vvaannmmaann
    Its an old riposte but I'll use it anyway - 'Hitler was elected.'
    There is a major difference in merely electing them and holding them to account when we have done so.

    There is a general misconception about the electoral process. Lots of people seem to think it is like how the Poles used to elect their kings.
    A vote was taken, a king installed then everybody blindly obeyed whatever the king told them to do.
    That of course isn't democracy.
  11. This would be alarming if it wasn't from the same type of people who believe the New World Order is out to get them, 9/11 was planned by Mossad/G.W Bush/CIA/whatever, the Jews are one step from world domination and the Queen is a reptillian alien shapeshifter. :roll:
  12. Not new really, the US put thousands of American Japanese into camps on their entry into WWII.
  13. Since when have we ever elected a PM?

    Oh, already said..
  14. I had heard tales of NY muslims involved in terror plots being whisked away without trial. I assumed that they were taken to Cuba.