800 Military dogs destroyed in ten years.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. What choice do they have, they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. The first one that bites a kid will lead to a massive "Why are the military dumping their devil dogs on the street" press campaign and claims for massive compensation payouts, cash I would rather see spent on places like Headly Court etc.
  2. Without knowing how many military dogs there are, it's difficult to decide if it's an excessively high number or not. But as has already been said, it's unlikely that the guard type dogs are going to be suitable for rehoming.
  3. The Telegraph are just tugging the heart strings and showing a cute ickle search dog looking at the camera like a baby seal about to get clubbed to death, I bet they get rehomed.

    They haven't shown a have your arm off as soon as look at you attack dog used on fence patrols and the like. They aren't cute, they are trained to take down human beings and they are too agressive to rehome.

    I thought it was widely known already that the mental ones that are used to chew on people got the needle.
  4. Hopefully MP Kerry Mcarthy will set an example and take one in.

    I would imagine some of the war dogs wouldn't work out too well as domestic pets.
  5. So the Army has destroyed 80 dogs per year, over the last ten years? Whats the score for Battersea over the same period then?
    As an ex wagtail op with numerous extra puncture wounds over me from when Mr Attack Dog decided it was my turn for a bit, there is no feckin way that you would ever consider re homing a dog that has been trained to bite. Bear in mind most of these dogs are given up by families, or given over by local pounds because they are nasty pieces of work that are headed for the big needle anyway. The firm just ensures they get an extra 6 - 8 years of food, good treatment and lets them bite people with big sleeves on. Win win situation really.
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  6. Has anybody set up the Facebook tribute page yet - searched, but couldn't find it?
  7. It's when the 4 legged psycho decides it wants to bite people without big sleeves that the hilarity ensues.
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  8. The fact that you never hear about their handlers begging the MOD to let them take one of these guard dogs in, like they do with search dogs, should give the Telegraph a big clue about them.
  9. I heard a rumour that the defence dogs school use a bite suit in Liverpool FC Colours.
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  10. Teeth on legs are 'retired' in Cyprus,I believe. AES dogs like Chance come home.

    Edited to correct spelling as my IPad thinks it knows better than me!
  11. If they used Burberry, they wouldnt need to be put down as they could have a useful follow on career.
  12. Care to rearrange these words into a legible sentence?
  13. Couldn't they weigh them down with some weights, then use them to de-mine fields? It'd be far more sporting, and you could paint numbers on them with yellow linesman paint and take bets.
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  14. Send them to Istanbul. The city is overrun with cats. The whole place stinks of cat piss. Except the airport.