80 year old film fan foils robbers

She will probably be cautioned for threatening behavior and told that she should have handed in the knife in the amnesty and so stopped all violent crime in the UK.

The thieving cnut will get counciling and the right to claim compensation which is his entitlement under an EU directive designed to stop burglers from being shouted at by scary old ladies.
I bet her husband rarely argued with her either, specially in the kitchen :lol:
Now you'll see some poorly made septic produced film appear 'based on a true story'.

Unlike true life the heroin will be involved in hours of creeping around her house, suitably wiped with cammo, to get into the kitchen to get to the knives whilst avoiding a 10 strong gang of hooded septics, each of whom will die silently off a hastily made weapon.

The gang leader will be saved until last and a memorable fight will occur in which the 80+ OAP will eventually get the best through guile and cunning, leading to a ritual disembowelment and throttling with the handrail torn from a nearby Zimmer frame.

The heroine will not only be 80+ but an-ex WW2 SOE operative whose battle cry is 'Haddaway and sh*te, yah f@kka!" as the extra sharp blade of the fairburn sykes slips between the ribs.

She'll probably be played by Chuck Norris.
Did she also take pot-shots at 'roo hunters, and squeeze the boll*cks of any passing transvestites?

Good on her, mind!

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