80 Weeks to Touchdown - The Building of MPA

I've not seen anything on this subject and thought that others might have stories they would like to share about the building of MPA.

The film "80 Weeks to Touchdown" is a promotional video on behalf of the Laing-Mowlem-ARC consortium and is fairly scant on detail but serves to show how bloody impressive the building of MPA was. Built and opened (by HRH Prince Andrew 12 May 1985) within three years of the end of hostilities. All resources (save some aggregate) and workforce had to come from the UK and brought ashore via a temporary beachead. I somehow doubt that the UK construction industry could ever repeat this sort of achievement or additionally MOD/Govt could afford it.

For those currently in the Falklands this video is available on DVD at the library just ask at the desk as they keep it behind the counter, it is a one-day hire only.

An interesting diary from this period is here:

My Memoirs - Falklands Homepage
Early days
I'm Wickham from the links above. I was there at the beginning of the construction. The early days were by far the best for me, a small group of "pioneers" who made our own rules, far away from civilisation (no road to Stanley then), "RAS-ing" containers to "borrow" anything that seemed useful. I had a director's swivel/tilting chair until the site got properly organised with "important" directors who wanted the chair! Later with over 2000 people on site and the Army Works (or Additional Works) contract also starting, the site became civilised. What a shame.

When I returned to UK my office wanted to see a film and have two of us talk it through. I rang up my contact at the PSA (now defunct gov. organisation) and got the film. It must have been before dvds existed, perhaps it was a video, I can't remember, so there should be another view of the construction in addition to the LMA version (unless the PSA gave me the LMA version). I expect some gov. organisation (or the private company that superseded the PSA) has it stored away somehere.

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