80 Tory MPs reported over gifts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. BBC News

    Isn't it time that we, as a nation, confined this archaic, self serving, corrupt, incompetent, narcissistic, sycophantic, amoral and, at times, treasonous party political system to the dustbin of history?

    It's time for us, as a nation, to throw this bunch of throbbers onto the street. It's time to develop a system -- possibly similar to the Swiss Canton system -- where there are no political parties, to be replaced by local independent candidates who work for, and make decisions for the people they REPRESENT. The party system allows major economic interests access to the political process, whilst Joe Public is betrayed time and again.

    Fcking treasonous, tretcherous scumbags the lot of 'em!
  2. Our old friend Kevan Jones again has this fella got nothing better to do than bitch about army skiing and minor tory gifts.

    I for one am getting cheesed off with this playground politics that is going on, what next my dad's bigger than yours ans he'll beat your dad up if your not my friend, TOSSERS.
  3. So Labour have 'Bubbled 'em' eh?
    Tit for Tat if you ask me...
    probably to take the heat off Labour's Peter Hain cnut!!
  4. Oh - how fortuitous that there was a programme on how to carry out an execution on telly last night...
  5. So it is ok for politicians NOT to follow the rules?

    The only way for complete transparency is for politicians of whatever colour to be bubbled if they, their underlings or their constituency party do not play the game.
  6. You want Tory politicians executed ? :D
  7. I will execute Politicians of whatever colour, creed, sexual and political persuasion.

    You could say I am an equal opportunities executor!

    PS: I will admit that yes, I was watching with a growing sense of excitement when Michael Portillo failed to respond to instructions to put on his oxygen mask. Then someone put it on for him. Darn!
  8. I didn't see the Portillo thing but read an article about it that made me suspicious...

    He seemed to enjoy that hypoxia thing a bit too much....90s Tory MP and all that!
  9. Not sure we are comparing like with like in the great Labour vs Tory sleaze debate. Can't be arrsed to sort through the various differences at this hour, but it is useful to look at John Mann, one of the MPs who demanded an inquiry.

    Could this be the same John Mann, MP for Betteslaw who has enjoyed the odd junket himself - at the expense of that ever so nice regime in Nigeria?

    Some of his bills were paid by Shell, one of the oil companies investing heavily in Nigeria at the time the Nigerian regime strung up Ken Saro Wiwa.
  10. Wednesday, January 16, 2008
    Murkier and Murkier

    Two Labour MPs John Mann* and Kevan Jones** have written to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner with a list of donations to 80 Tory MPs they want probed. Guido asked a Labour contact for some background on them, he said "they think they are being clever, but they are idiots".

    The list is a list of donations from unincorporated associations consisting of mainly Tory dining clubs and support groups. There is a real and important issue of transparency here. What Mann and Jones seem to have forgotten is that Labour too has had some £2 million from unincorporated associations. In fact Harriet Harman got £5,000 from one for her leadership campaign...

    It might not be illegal, but it is shady, and none of the parties have anything to be proud of on this front. However it is of an entirely different order to Hain's fake think-tank. Hain's campaign didn't even report the donations never mind the source.

    *John Mann flew to Nigeria recently on a junket courtesy of Shell. Shell is the largest operator in Nigeria providing most of Nigeria's export earnings. Shell were implicated in the judicial execution of Nigerian environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. In September 2001 a court in New York granted relatives of Ken Saro-Wiwa and another of the executed activists, the right to sue Shell. The suit alleged the company fabricated evidence to support murder charges against the two men.

    **Kevan Jones loves a junket, Guido counted at least half a dozen trips to Washington and elsewhere courtesy of various arms trade interests on the register in the last couple of years. **

  11. " Fire mission,,,, 5 rounds of smoke - my location over"
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    total tit for tat and over a non-issue.

    According to Radio 4 last night the PSC has already looked at this issue before and said there is nothing wrong with it. In addition to that there are similar clubs for Laibor and other parties running the same system, so the letter is a whole smoke and mirrors thing to try and confuse and distract.

    Hopefully the PSC will either kick it out, or have an overhaul of the whole system, equally blasting all parties for thier stupidity and arrogance.

  13. The answer Sven is - of course it is not OK for Tory MPs to break the rules.

    Indeed I hope that if any of the 80 are found to have broken the letter or spirit of the rules then David Cameron should sack them there and then. If he did so he might retore a little bit of public confidence in the whole corrupt bunch. If confidence isn't restored then democracy in the UK is going to die on its arrse - and that is down to New Labour and its' apologists.

    This is just a feeble attempt to distract attention by a hopeless pair of labour party animals.