80 Provost Coy (Airsoft)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Cambell-Smith was my first CSM. Nice bloke. Got inthe sh*t about tax free Mercs I recall.

    Western....did you make that site up?
  2. Floyd....now there was a bell-end. I doubt you'd find anyone who knows him apart from his mum who'd argue that he wasn't. Even then, his mum would have her doubts.

    I did notice that many of those photographs had tents in them.
  3. Tempted to claim it but no, not in my worst nightmare. Did you spot the bloke in the Multinational picture who was a past master at the Policework body swerve?
  4. Face rings a bell. Who is he?
  5. Have you "signed up" Biscuits?? You know you want to! :)
  6. Unlike a few of the Royal Millets Pioneers, I know f*ck all about tents. How's your old man BTW?
  7. Jim G*****k
    What a knob of the first order. Got comish too.....another Cheif Clerk. His wife was a lousy lay though.
  8. You'll be a pro (vost) with the 9x9s in no time at all Biscuits.

    The old man's good thanks. Saw the folks the other weekend, and got leathered....again.
  9. Once I've mastered the 6ft trestle table...who know's, the world just might be my oyster.

    Good drills on the other half of your post. Glad to hear that your old man is still beer fit.
  10. O my, they actually look like they are serious and not a Waah.

    Something to do in retirement I suppose - /me runs.
  11. I also heard that he was unpopular when he did a thorough audit of the accounts of the officer's alpine beano otherwise known as rip the boys off for a nice Officers Christmas Party that was the ski hut.
  12. Ok Checked the web site, very amusing............ all that's missing is Taff P J**nes from the free Wales army and Tommy the mad mad Mick. FFS 80's RMP? Someone's got to have a few to dream that up! WAH?
  13. Edited
  14. Hummmmm

    The author of the site seems to be Roger Sten*** was this the guy who was in the TA and got chucked for taking a Browning out of the Armoury and got nicked by Civpol while carrying in London or somewhere?

    Am I wrong here?