80 million set aside for Thalidomide survivors.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fablonbiffchitthe1st, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. The Govt has set aside 80 million quid for Thalidomide survivors. Should they have stumped up for this? Are the taxpayers footing the bill? And why arent any of the companies involved in the drug production coughing up?
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  2. They deserve a hand out.
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  3. 80 million will buy a lot of windows!
  4. It's only right we give them a helping hand...
  5. No point keeping their wallets in a hip pocket...
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  6. The company probably paid what was reasonable at the time.

    What I heard on the radio was that the people concerned now have age-related problems not originally anticipated, and require extra help. Going back to the company at this stage would get legal and expensive. And wasn't the £80million over ten years? That's peanuts in terms of health budgets.

    And don't forget, at the moment the Govt are busy trying to reduce benefits to all other disabled people. But one positive headline can deflect attention from an awful lot of other stuff.
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  7. He shoots! He scores!

    Pick a small group of clearly identfiable disabled people and chuck them some crumbs in a high profile just before Chrimbo stunt.
    You can then claim you really do care for the disabled while slashing their benefits in the new year.
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  8. The pharmaceutical companies don't have a leg to stand on.
  9. kung_fu_flid_2009.jpg

    Got a mean wing chun punch I heard
  10. The Government were the ultimate authority that licensed the drug, so I suppose they are as accountable as the drug companies - ultimate authority , ultimate responsibility and all that....
  11. Flids are as rare as white dog muck these days. I'm sure I read that it cut life expectancy as well as doing what it did to limb development. There should be no Thalidomide affected people about under the age of 50 even if they have survived.

    What is the point of compensating people that are no longer about unless it's to compensate their parent?
  12. Maybe because it was pursued as a generic action. Later on the lawyers sussed that way to go was separate actions. So 1200 people awarded legal aid to sue for corticosteroids negligence pursued as 1200 individual cases. Lawyers bill Legal Aid 1200 times then each torpedoes their own case so as not to actually proceed to court.

    Medical experts charging £1300 per hour. Solicitors and barristers billing their respective hundreds of pounds per hour. Then opine "Bolam defence 1200 times for 1200 separate legal aid fees. Legal aid pays and then withdraws further funding for the 1200 patients. How much for say 600 opinions legal counsel Mr L ? Over a million quid of public money without having to even appear in court.

    I don't know if thalidomide was the last generic action.