80 Day MTD limit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone else discovered that lads are being capped at 80 MTD's ? I've just discovered that 2 of my regular and keen attenders, and one of the other Sargeants, have hit 80 MTD's and have been told they'll get 5 more MTD's and that's it until April...

    I've also been warned by the PSI that next year there will be a total cap at 80 days, with the vague chance that some weekends will only be paid at One & half days
  2. I think were capped to 45
  3. Does that mean your keen attenders will be told not to come in again for the rest of the training year once they hit 80 days? Or will they be allowed to come in if they work for free?

    Couldn’t you take MTD’s from someone who obviously isn’t going to use all of his and give them to someone who would?

    The weekends where you only pay one and a half days, will your troops actually only be working in that time frame or will the reality be that they start working on a Friday night and finish any time on the Sunday but don’t get paid for all the time they put in?
  4. One and a half days for a weekend? Thats a bit pants. I think if that was the case you wouldnt' get blokes in on the friday night/sunday afternoon.

    Imagine the uproar if the regulars were only paid for the days they worked and not the 365 days per year!!!

    This is yet another reason for people to sack being in the TA!!! How many more can we take?
  5. I have been capped at 80 days plus 1 or 2 others till March/April. Only found out tail end of December and was due to attend a couple of course and help recruits at CiC. Quite annoying to find out so late in the year that there was a cap as last couple of years have done around 100+ (was a student and did lots during summer) as I would have aimed of to watch my days and save them for a course.

    Plan B now in effect, getting some buckshee temp office job till mobbed for the 'Stan. Anyone with work in the Lothains PM me. Can make good brews :D.

    Edit: In answer to Guko, you could go in but you woulnt get paid and if you injure yourself you woulndt be insured by the army. Not worth it IMHO.

  6. So what happened to the notion that the CO has a MTD budget for the year which he manages as he sees fit to achieve his mission?

    It's either micro-management or a step backwards to the days when the TA didn't get fed and were encouraged to supply their own clothing and weapons. IIRC pay was discretionary.

    ScotsmanRicky: If there is something you really want to do you can mark it down as 'C' type training which means you'll not get paid, but are "insured". You are also entitled to accomodation and feeding. However as this is used a lot for adventurous training I would not be surprised to find that it is about to be frozen too.
  7. In 2 Sig Bde we aren't - theres a couple in my unit over 100 Days. A case has to be made to Bde though. Where they have said no - and I know of only 1 occurance - they have allowed sufficient MTDs to ensure attendance at all remaining programmed Reg and Sqn activities.

    Crack on!!!
  8. 80 days is our MINIMUM commitment, then again I am at a RTC, hey Scots what about working with us again with Bde paying, would your PSAO let you away with that?
  9. Couldnt afford to be away for weeks without pay.

    Nah mate, by the time the transfer went thorugh etc it would be time to come back! Im going to have to bit the bullet and...and get a job :( .

  10. Capping MTDs is fine, but ONLY if the training schedule reflects this. If you hit your 80 days by now from simply doing all your regiments available training (and not going off on cricket umpiring courses) then it is your regiment's job to get the days. If, however, it is simply you have used the system to your advantage then ,well, tough. Of course situations do arise whereby you blithely do training then suddenly get told this, and your unit may (as mine does) have courses starting now.
  11. Surely a soldier attending courses, be they military skills to adventure training, is in the long run to the advantage to his unit?
  12. Did most of my MTD's helping out on SC06 and at Brecon. Actually theres a thought will those recruits who attended SC06 be stopped from coming in as they will have near enought ran out of days by attending that on its own?

  13. and your Brigade is....?
  14. Some capped at less than 80. 2 officers and 4 SNCO' s at my sub unit have been told they have less than 5 days left this training year, how are we supposed to operate without the management of the unit. RAO applied for extentions to MTD's and 9 weeks later still waiting for an answer.
    SPSI tells me today that next training year we will be capped at 50. weekend training now pays only 2 days. Then the introduction of JPA and the 3/4 days pay, are the TA taking a 25% reduction in pay. i ask myself "IS IT WORTH STAYING"
  15. Can someone explain JPA and the impact on Pay? (what do you mean Shot_on by 3/4 day?)

    We'd all like to know.